Friday February 05, 2016

Due to unseasonably warm weather and "unfrozen precipitation of late we were forced  to suspend operations until the weekend We will re-open with the Practice Slope and the Callie's Corner Handle Tow this weekend from 9 AM to 4 PM each day.  Out intrepid Seasonal Kids Programs will go on as scheduled this weekend and frankly these are the kinds of conditions that forge MRG  kids into the kind of amazing skiers we have been developing here for generations. This is when they hone the basics of technique and create bonds with their fellow young rippers that will endure for a lifetime. The other positive take away from the current state of affairs is that Gen. Stark's Pub is ALWAYS a welcome respite from the realities of an El Nino winter. But do keep the faith MRG skiers - there is snow in the forecast - the question is... how much? (Ya Gotta Believe!)




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