Wednesday February 10, 2016

MRG -The Revenant of Ski Areas!

2-3" overnight and things certainly look better which is a start. Despite the new snow we have been forced to suspend operations  again during the midweek  period and re-open next weekend. That being said if we luck out and get some much needed additional snow we will absolutely, positively re-open the main mountain just as soon as we possibly can.  Keep the faith MRG skiers, there is some snow in the forecast and we certainly plan to dust ourselves off after this latest setback and get our ski season back on track. We have once again cranked up our vaunted snowmaking system with the hope that we will be "The Revenant" of ski areas this season and make a triumphant return!  It is going to take a fair amount of snow (and the right kind) for us to be able to re-open the main mountain but rest assured that we will do so just as soon as we possibly can. We are forever hopeful and encourage the entire MRG community to THINK SNOW!


When the Snow Gets Tough - The Tough Go Shopping!
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The Revenant of Ski Areas


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