Friday February 12, 2016

Localized Lake Effect Storm Re-opens MRG - Call Us Mt. Lucky!


10-18" (SERIOUSLY) of fluffy "Champlain Powder" has been delivered to and MRG is back in business today! We have received upwards of 2' of new snow this week and not a moment too soon!  It’s absolutely blower, the kind of “Champlain Powder” we sometimes get when the lake is unfrozen and the wind hits just right. Weird thing is that there was very little new snow just a few hundred feet in elevation down from the base area – very localized storm – very cool indeed!


The skiing today should be some of the best of the season (yeah, we know) with deep pockets of freshies everywhere. The cats are out diligently tacking down as much of that golden fluff as they possibly can so the groomers should be magnificent. Today we are spinning The Single, the Sunnyside Double, the Practice Slope and the Callie’s Corner  Handle Tow from 9 AM to 4 PM accessing 100% of our legendary trails. On Saturday and for the rest of the President’s Week Holiday we plan to spin all 5 of our lifts. 


Since we have had such a tough start to our season and our skiers have been so incredibly patient we want to make Midweek and Value Passes valid this weekend. Thanks for your resolve and lets all hope that we have finally turned the corner on the ski season and we can look forward to the best half a season ever!




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We're Back - Re-opening Friday!


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