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My name is General John Stark and the mountain upon which Mad River Glen resides is my mountain, General Stark Mountain. 


I have always been a very private person and have spent the past couple of centuries keeping to myself and quietly inhabiting the mountain that carries my name.  However recent events have forced me to re-think my reclusiveness. Apparently the good folks at Mad River Glen have seen fit to install one of these newfangled high definition video cameras on my mountain. They captured a photograph of me earning some turns late one night and the screen capture has gone viral.

This resulted, in modern parlance, my “outing” as a spirit on Gen. Stark Mountain.  While I was not initially thrilled with this turn of events I have given it some thought and have come to the realization that I should embrace the fact that so many folks enjoy my mountain these days.  Perhaps I can utilize some of the modernity you all have created and  lend some advice and old fashioned perspective on the current state of affairs "generally" (so to speak) and about my mountain in particular. To this end I have done some research. This whole new interweb device is downright "revolutionary" (a subject I know much about).  I am aware that while you may have heard my name before you don't know much about me. I discovered this quite in depth biography of me that gives some pretty good  background. I also learned that “blogs” are a great way to communicate with lots of people these days. I reckoned that it is high time for me to create my own blog – Gen. Stark’s Blog!