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  • New Snow: 3-4"
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  • Temp: 21°F
  • Windchill: 14°F
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Sorry to be MIA of late but I had to take a brief hiatus and return to my old stomping grounds in New Hampshire to attend to some family business. Upon my arrival I noticed that the bloody lifts are up and running.  It seems like many of you people were wondering if they were ever going to enjoy lift-served skiing and if the situation is "the new normal". Well let me be the first to tell you people that this isn't the first time there was a late start to the ski season and it certainly won't be the last. But seriously, how short is your memory my fellow citizens? Just last season the skiing really didn't get good until late January and things worked out just fine for you so cool your jets! Do I need to remind you the very first year that Mad River Glen opened the mountain wasn't able to open to the public until the last week in January? Heck, in those first few years many of the folks around here thought that Roland Palmedo character was outside of his mind to build a ski area on my mountain. The bottom line is you're going to get good years and bad years, good days and bad day, good stretches and bad stretches. You have to just keep the faith. Imagine if during the Revolutionary War we became disheartened after our invasion of Canada or during our time at Valley Forge? No, we persevered and in the end won our freedom. Stay positive as your precious powder days will come at some point, that much I can promise you!


I did some research and noticed that this time last year the skiing was just starting to get good - check out the January 16, 2015 snow report posted by that marketing hack at Mad River Glen;

That being said it sure is great to have the skiers back on the mountain and it is also nice to see all the special events planned. I for one am excited for the MRG Co-op's 20th Anniversary Grand Soiree on January 30th, hopefully there won't be any General Stark impersonators attending.  I also really enjoy the Family Tournament scheduled for Monday - I sure wish that I could convince Molly Stark to race with me but she was never much of a skier. And while I am not a big fan of some of this modern music I sure do appreciate the musical stylings of The Grift who will be playing in my pub on Saturday. Who knows, maybe you'll see me cutting a rug out on the dance floor?


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