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Pet Peeves!

First thing’s first. One of my pet peeves over the years is all these Gen. Stark impersonators that crop up from time to time on the mountain.  When Roland Palmedo and his buddies began cutting the trails on the mountain I really thought it was OK that skiers would start enjoying the mountain and that it might be nice to have a little company. But then the very first day they ran that bloody chairlift some guy shows up and impersonates me.  He didn’t look anything like me, my uniform was entirely wrong and to top it all off my dear wife Molly Stark was horrified. And this was just the start of it as more imposters rear their ugly heads from time to time. The worst part is they seem like they are some kind of marketing flunkies trying to hype up the ski area.
I fought for their independence and freedom and this is how they thank me - REALLY??