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These are the times that try men's souls!

These words spoken by my compatriot, Thomas Paine as we began our struggle for independence easily transfer to the current state of affairs on my mountain.  I have to reach far into my memory to recall a year when there was so little snow; it seems like only yesterday that my fellow patriots and I were sleeping outside during the Little Ice Age. Honestly the other hard thing about this winter is that it has been a bit lonely up here on the hill. The skiing conditions have been far from stellar and I know for certain that's a big part of the reason why. Just as we were pushed to the brink by the British, our skiers have been moved to drastic measures themselves. Personally I have been getting my turns in whenever I can, while avoiding the prying eyes of that bloody Mad Cam. While quality turns have been few and far between I must say that as I reflect on the situation I realize that I still very much enjoy my time up on the mountain. It's great just to be outside, appreciating the scenery, and breathing that crisp mountain air.


I notice many kindred spirits within the Mad River Glen community feeling the same way. I see all the youngsters in the weekend programs with a smile on their face no matter the conditions. I notice couples and families spending quality time together despite the tough conditions. Each and every day I see individual skiers test their limits and improve their technique on challenging terrain with even more challenging conditions. All of them are taking the cards they have been dealt and are making the most of a difficult situation. They will be rewarded knowing that when good snow inevitably returns they will have had their skills finely honed and will be able to show why the skiers of my mountain can ski anywhere and make it look easy.


I also can't help but notice Mad River's intrepid employees show up day after day no matter what Mother Nature throws at them and maintain a positive perspective. The Mad River Glen community owes a debt of gratitude to these fine folks who do yeoman’s work in an effort to provide a positive ski experience to the mountain’s patrons. 


Hopefully some snow will fall this week and we can have a late season surge. I for one am not done skiing and will keep holding out until the season’s last breath. Stay positive my fellow skiers.


Live Free or Die