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Decades ago when skiers began flocking to my mountain I was immediately struck by their intense passion for the sport and for the mountain itself.  Over the years I noticed a wonderful camaraderie develop among the skiers.  In fact, it reminded me of the “esprit de corps” my fellow Revolutionary War veterans developed back when we won our country’s freedom in our war for independence.   While the skier’s spirit was certainly intense I was more than a bit skeptical when 20 years ago these passionate skiers came together to buy the mountain as a cooperative venture. Clearly this concept rubbed up against my fiercely independent sensibilities and raised my “Live Free or Die” hackles.  


Well I must say that two decades later I have been proven completely and totally wrong. The mountain, my mountain, has had a true renaissance. The old-timers continue to love it and have brought up several generations here.  Even more amazing is all the new folks who have discovered Mad River Glen and have joined the “Corps” thus growing the mountains base of support.  Physically the mountain has never looked better and the forests have never been healthier. This incredible band of skiers has really kept up on the maintenance of the lifts and buildings too, the infrastructure looks top notch. Being a long-time farmer I have a great appreciation for what it takes to maintain ones property. I know what Molly Stark had to do to maintain our farm in Derryfield New Hampshire during my long years away. Frankly my mountain has never looked better and for that I am exceedingly grateful.


I’d like to congratulate the Mad River Glen Cooperative on 20 years of successful ownership. Not only is the mountain surviving it is truly thriving! It will be great to see you all come together to celebrate this tremendous accomplishment at the 20th Anniversary Grand Soiree on January 30th. If you would all be so kind I would really appreciate it if you would consider leaving a pair of tickets for me at the door. Perhaps I can twist my dear Molly’s arm a bit and we can join you for the celebration.  I very much feel like General Stark Mountain is in good hands and for that I am exceedingly grateful. I wish you all continued success.