Friday March 24, 2017 8:16:22 AM
Hours of Operation
Lifts Open Today At: 9 AM
Lifts Close Today At: 4 PM
Lifts & Trails
Trails Open Today: 40
Lifts Open Today: 3
Current Temperature
Base: 26.3℉ Summit: 23℉
New Snow: 0" - 0"
Snowfall to Date this Season: 190" - 278"
Surface Conditions
Primary: Packed Powder
Secondary: Variable

More Snow - YAY!
It looks like we are going to get another dose snow today with 3-5" in the forecast - YAY! It is supposed to start this morning and looks like it will be some wet stuff that will bond nicely with the existing base. Very nice packed powder surfaces are currently found along the trail edges and the upper mountain terrain. On the lower reaches of the mountain trails have a bit more hard pack under foot as it had seen some freeze/thaws over the past week or so. We always urge our skiers to be aware and ski with care as there are there are some snow snakes lurking. The Single Chair and Sunnyside Double will spin today from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM. Beginners can look to hone their skills on the Callie’s Corner Handle Tow between 10 and 3. Please check back regularly for updates as conditions and trail counts are ever changing. 




For more information please call (802) 496-3551
Trails Open Today
Upper Single Chair  
Upper Antelope X X
Lower Antelope X
Catamount Bowl X
Catamount X X
Chute X
Fall Line X
Paradise X
Creamery X
Lower Single Chair  
Lynx X
Beaver X
Lift Line X
Upper Glade X
Lower Mountain  
Canyon X
Grand Canyon X
Broadway X X
Bunny X
Lower Glade X
Porcupine X
Chipmunk X
Snail X
Waterfall X
Easy Way X X
Rockefellers X
Moody's X
Ferret X
One Way X
Periwinkle X
Upper Double Chair  
Fox X X
Vixen X
Quacky X
Gazelle X
Gazelle Glades X
Panther X
Slalom Hill X
Birdland Chair  
Lark X X
Loon X
Robin X
Wren X
Duck X
Practice Slope Chair  
Race Hill
Eaton's Run
Callie's Corner  
Callie's Corner X X
Single Chair X  
Sunnyside Double Chair X  
Birdland Double Chair  
Practice Slope Chair  
Callie's Corner Handle Tow X