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  • Lifts Open: 3
  • New Snow: 0-0"
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  • Surface: Wet Granular...
  • Temp: 20°F
  • Windchill: 20°F
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Mad River Ski School philosophy is a simple one. The overriding goal is to teach people to enjoy skiing to its fullest by skiing more efficiently, and to have fun.

Mad River Glen instructors teach skiers to use the mountain to their advantage to improve their technique and put less stress on their bodies. They are encouraged to listen to the skier's goals and work with their strengths and weaknesses.

Skiers always come away from their lessons with helpful tips so they can continue improving their skiing long after their lesson. we aim to help people discover how it feels when its done right, so they will know when they are doing it right on their own.

The combination of legendary terrain, natural snow conditions and low skier density make Mad River the perfect place for skiers to improve their skills. A place where you can learn how to enjoy a variety of terrain, pitches and conditions.

Because at Mad River Glen we work with what nature gives us, we can teach our skiers how to enjoy all the different forms snow can take: powder, moguls, ice, corn and everything in between.

From beginners to experts, toddlers to seniors, the Mad River Ski School will help you get more out of your experience on the mountain.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call or e mail us with any questions (802) 496-3551 ext. 125 or email skischool@madriverglen.com.