Mad River Glen


The packed powder wonderland continues today; skiers will find packed, chalky snow on all main mountain trails. This snowpack rewards skiers with easily edge able turns that make the steeper terrain feel more dynamic. Upper mountain steeps will feel like a rewarding challenge and thanks to our mountain operations team, beginner terrain will once again be buffed out with fresh corduroy. The mercury will be on the move today as temperatures are predicted to rise well into the upper 20’s. The forecast is also calling for partly sunny to clear skies which when paired with the expected temperature could certainly change the consistency of the current snowpack. Be sure to stay tuned to the conditions page for the most up-to-date information as the day progresses and the conditions develop. Remember that while conditions have certainly improved over the last few days, hidden obstacles and unmarked hazards still exist. Please be aware and ski with care, let’s all have a long and healthy 2020 ski season!

During the mid-week period the Single Chair and Sunnyside Double will spin from 9:00AM until 3:45PM. Callie’s Corner Handle Tow is open between 10AM and 3PM for those first-time skiers. If you’re thinking about visiting the mountain remember that your best deal can always be found online, purchase tickets ahead of time and save! Mid-week late afternoon tickets are the greatest deal around, ski from 2PM until the lifts close for just $35!

Uphill travel is NOT permitted today during lift operations, we also ask that you please leave your dogs at home.


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The Magic of Bird Migration was presented by Brian “Warbler” Aust on December 27th, 2019. The Magic Of Bird Migration Theme:  Most birds that live on General Stark Mountain migrate thousands of miles a year using many special adaptations, all in search of seasonally available food sources.  The Magic of Bird Migration Program begins with….

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