Mad River Glen


Another 2-4" overnight gives us a storm total of 8-12" from the storm which means that  2' of snow fell on the flanks of General Stark Mountain so far this week and the forecast looks terrific. This new snow coupled with our vaunted snowmaking effort is encouraging us to consider opening up prior to our stated mid-December start-up date.  We still are not there just yet but every flake inches us towards our goal.  The plan is to pin down as much of Mother Nature's bounty as we can, prep the mountain for opening and then assess the situation after the weekend. We will make a call early next week about a possible Thanksgiving weekend start to the season. We are wicked hopeful this portends an awesome season to come. Mad Cards are just the  ticket to save you money on skiing.  Mad Cards get you 3 unrestricted days of skiing for only $169.  They are even transferable which means anyone can use them at anytime during the season, heck you can even use them all in one day. Even if you only plan to ski MRG one weekend this season it absolutely pays to take advantage of this amazing pre-season deal. Keep in mind that Mad Cards are also a much appreciated gift item that is perfect for any skier on your gift-giving list. Don't forget that General Stark's Pub will be re-opening for dinner service on Thanksgiving weekend and The MRG General Store is open 24/7/365 so you can get a jump on holiday shopping for all the skiers in your life.

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Scott F. Pedley was Mad River Glen’s first doctor and is the honorary National Ski Patrol’s patrolman #1, Dr. Pedley was born in Lyndonville, Vermont, on October 5, 1912. He graduated from the Lyndon Institute in 1931 and then from Dartmouth College in 1936. While at Dartmouth, he was a classmate of Dr. Edgar Hyde,….

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