Mad River Glen


Since Wednesday we’ve added 14-16” of new snow and more is on the way beginning today and throughout the day tomorrow! We start the weekend with clear skies and temperatures right around zero degrees. By dawn the mercury begins marching upward and snow showers are expected to roll in by late afternoon. The main mountain is back open, with the exception of Marten we’re skiing off of 100% of our terrain today. The new snow that fell was dense and got skied in well, yesterday temperatures plummeted and winds increased which settled the snowpack. The skiing conditions are variable; you’ll find everything between wind slab, chalky to down right blower powder. Low angel terrain is skiing best while the steep trails have scratch under the primary surface. Be sure to stay tuned to the conditions page for the most up-to-date information. While conditions have certainly improved over the last few days, hidden obstacles and unmarked hazards still exist. Please be aware and ski with care, let’s all have a long and healthy 2020 ski season!

During the holiday weekend the Single Chair, Sunnyside Double and Practice Slope will spin from 8:30AM until 3:45PM. Callie’s Corner Handle Tow and the Birdland Double will be open between 10AM and 3PM. If you’re thinking about visiting the mountain remember that your best deal can always be found in advance online, purchase tickets ahead of time and save! 

Uphill travel is NOT permitted today during lift operations, we also ask that you please leave your dogs at home.

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As we head into another ski season the Mad River Glen Cooperative is taking time to reflect on its past and honor an individual that was essential to Mad River Glen attaining the lofty status that it holds within the ski world today. Betsy Pratt has been called a maverick by some and that’s probably true, but….

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