Hike Stark Mountain

Published On August 30, 2022
October 1, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
White Plains Ski Club Hike:
Join us on Green and Gold weekend on Sat. October 1st for the unforgettable Double to the Single Hike. Meet at the Basebox at 9:00 AM for a challenging 6-mile loop, much of it on the trails you usually ski down. At the top of the Double, you reach the magical mile-long stretch of the Long Trail surrounded by the maple and beech leaves in their autumnal glory. You hike the historic section from the early days of the Long Trail’s creation in the early 1910s. This 28-mile section, which stretches from Camel’s Hump to the Lincoln Gap, opened in 1913 and was just the second section of what became the 270-mile-long trail upon its completion in 1931. It’s a new way to experience the dramatic beauty and physical challenges that await you on General Stark Mountain in the summer and fall. Above the Double, you gain 600 feet of elevation as you climb a ladder, clamber up steel rungs embedded in a rock face, and walk through Dean’s Cave. You can stop at the state-of-the-art alpine privy at the Theron Dean Shelter. Take the trail along the ridge through an open forest. You emerge in Paradise, on the northern route to General Stark’s summit. The Single chair runs that day, so you have options if you would like to hike or ride down. Our group will leave on the MRG Hiking Trail from the Basebox at 9:00 AM or you can hike up on your own later. Those with tickets can hike up and board at the top to take the Single down. On the way down, everybody can stop at the Kent Thomas Nature Center to see the stuffed lynx, fox, and other specimens under glass. You can marvel too at the brown bear mannikin mounted on the wall. Wear hiking shoes. Bring water bottles and snacks. Say hi to all the people who see on the trail. Rest for a spell on the deck at Stark’s Nest to take in the Stark Mountain summit at its October peak. Stop by General Stark’s Pub at the end to refresh yourself with a Sip of Sunshine and a bite to eat. Rain date: Sunday, October 2nd at 9:00 AM.
If you want to help out, or want more information, text or call David McKay Wilson, White Plains Ski Club, 914-217-5600.