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2021-2022 DAY TICKETS

In order to create a better Mad River Glen ski experience we will be limiting ticket sales during the 2021-2022 season. These limits will affect mainly weekends and holidays. The best way to ensure skiing at Mad River Glen is to purchase a Season Pass, Stark Mountain Card, or buy your tickets online in-advance.

Shareholders are able to purchase up to 2 tickets per day, even if we are sold out
 AdultJr (6-18)/Senior(65+)
Full Day$97$78
Shareholder Full Day (15% off)$82$66
Half Day - 12:30pm to Close$69$55
Late Afternoon- 2 to Close (Midweek, Non-Holiday)$39$39

Co-op Shareholders

Co-op shareholders will always be guaranteed skiing this season. The best prices will always be online, with shareholders receiving an additional 15% discount. If we are sold out online, shareholders may purchase a discounted ticket at the ticket window. 

Online Ticket Refund Policy

Online tickets are non-refundable and will not be refunded or changed for any reason, including weather, conditions, terrain (unless the mountain is closed), change in plans, or inability to come to the mountain on your chosen ski day. The only exception for the 2021-22 season is if you are unable to ski due to testing positive for COVID. If you test positive for COVID, you may request a refund no later than noon the day before your planned ski day (more than 3 days in advance, a full refund may be issued for COVID; from 3 days in advance until noon the day before, a 50% refund may be available). Refunds for COVID must be requested using this online form.




The Stark Mountain Card features direct-to-lift access and is not subject to daily ticket limitations on days when we are sold out. The Stark Mountain Card can be purchased in either 3 or 6 ticket quantities.
Stark Mountain Cards - On sale beginning April 1st - 14th3 Days6 Days
Stark Mountain Card$225$399
Shareholder Stark Mountain Card$200$349
Family Stark Mountain Card$349$474

Stark Mountain Cards features:

  • Direct to lift access
  • Ticket use will not be subject to daily ticket limitations; ie you can use a ticket anytime you want
  • Either 3 or 6 tickets to be used by the card owner only
  • Stark Mountain Cards are not transferable 
  • Family Stark Mountain Cards include free season passes for children under 12 as of January 1st of the current ski season.


Stark Mountain Card sales ended September 30th.


Mad Cards & Family Mad Cards

It is the end of an era!!  The Covid-19 Pandemic taught us many things.  Here at Mad River Glen, we saw how limiting our skier traffic on our busiest days can lead to a better experience for everyone. With that in mind, we have made the decision to remove the Mad Card and Family Mad Card from our ticket options.  

Call the office at (802) 496-3551 for more information.