In-State Candidate Ram Verma

2021 MRG Co-Op Board In-State Candidate

Ram G. Verma

Calais, VT

Candidate Statement & Bio

Hello fellow shareholders and MRG Co-op board members. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a candidate for the board of the MRG Co-op.   I welcome the opportunity to serve on the MRG Co-op Board and continue to build on the legacy that was started in 1995. I believe I will be able to bring a point of view that will add value and diversity to an already strong Board membership.

I didn’t start skiing till I moved to Burlington for my first job out of college in 1985. That was when I discovered my connection with the mountains.  I moved away in 1988 but returned in 2008.  Calais in Central Vermont is where I set roots and reconnected with the ski community that started it all for me.  Today, I work for the State of Vermont in Montpelier. My son has been skiing Mad River Glen since he was 3 years old when his mom skied with him between her legs down the Practice Slope.  

Candidate Questions:

  1. Why are you passionate about Mad River Glen and the Co-Op? 

I am passionate about the skiing experience that is unique to Mad River Glen. I enjoy the simple things that can only be experienced here. The Co-op is unique in the ski industry. I enjoy the fact that the skiers own the mountain and get to decide its fate.

2. What skills and experiences do you bring from your non-skiing life that would be an asset to the board?

I’m an Information Technology professional with nearly 40 years of experience with a focus in Project Management. I have extensive experience working in teams both large and small.  I’ve also managed large and small projects in my career. I enjoy problem solving and looking for solutions.

  1. What identities and/or life experiences do you have that you think will bring greater diversity and unique perspectives to the Board?

I’m an avid hiker, back country skier and mountain biker. I’ve worked with my local community to help build and share trails. 

  1. What is your long-term vision for the Co-Op and Mad River Glen? Who should we be, what should we do?

Diversifying activities and offering more options to share our mountain will be a big part of our future. I believe in preserving as much of what we enjoy today (the low-density skiing, the natural terrain) and finding ways to utilize our ski area throughout the year to help ensure our success.