Mariah Moulton Riggs

Please give us a short statement as to why you are running for the Co-Op Board:

My entire life has been shaped by my memories, friendships, and experiences at Mad River Glen. It is an integral part of who I am, and now I want to be able to give back to the mountain that has given me so much and made me into the person I have grown up to become.

Why are you passionate about Mad River Glen and the Co-Op?

Mad River Glen has always been a fundamental part of my life. It started when my Mom, Melinda, was pregnant and went into labor with me while she was running the ski school desk back in 1978. There was a ski area staff delivery date jackpot at the time. Laurie, who worked in the bar, won (I was born on town meeting day) and still to this day she continues to remind me about it. I then spent my childhood at the mountain. When I was 10, I recall helping my Dad, Rick, as he worked on the documentary Spirit of a Classic: the Story of Mad River Glen for its 40th anniversary. In my teens, I worked as a Mad River Ski Instructor, as my parents had. I skied in races at The Amateur Ski Club of New York, winning the Fitzmark at 16. I remember when the Co-Op was formed, and all the work and dedication it took to make the mountain a place that was owned by the skiers who love it so much. After it was formed I helped my dad in his campaign to become one of the founding Board Members. Later, when I had kids, they spent time with Callie at the Cricket Club and learned to ski at Mad River just like I had. Mad River and the Co-Op have always been a home for me and my family and that is why I passionately care about the mountain and its future.

What skills and experiences do you bring from your non-skiing life that would be an asset to the board?

For the past 12 years, I have been working in facilities management as the Director of The Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center located on the Burlington Waterfront. This unique experience makes me suited to assist in operations and mountain management. I volunteered for the Huntington Town Hall Committee and wrote grants which raised over 350k for its restoration, as well as a grant to assess water and wastewater capacity of the town. I have executive board experience as well as past work on governance issues and by-laws. Including the authoring and implementation of the by-laws, FCC Licensing, and start-up of the local non-profit radio station 93.3 WBTV-LP FM Burlington. I currently sit on the Board of two statewide non-profits: Audubon Vermont and the Vermont Family Network. I have served on various committees including, development, communication, governance, as well as the special committee to hire a new Executive Director. I was a recipient in 2011 of Vermont Business Magazine’s Rising Star Award and I am currently an active member of the alumni association of this group. I am a member of the Burlington Parking Commission. I am also a founder of the Vermont Event Professionals Organization, as well as the Waterfront Convention Co-Op of Burlington. All of these skills and experience I believe would be an asset to the board of the Mad River Glen Co-Op.

What identities and/or life experiences do you have that you think will bring greater diversity and unique perspectives to the Board?

I am the mother of a 17-year-old son Rowan, who has autism. This unique life experience as well as my passion for skiing has led me into the realm of adaptive skiing. I originally worked with Lee Prescott, Terry Barbour, and my Dad to teach my son how to ski at Mad River. I have now been the head coach of the Addison County Special Olympics Alpine Ski Team for the past six years. In this remarkable and fulfilling role, I work with the mountain operations and ski school at the Middlebury Snow Bowl to coordinate practices, gates, and intramural races with other groups. I also have had the pleasure of working with the Middlebury Ski team, as members of this team regularly volunteer to assist me in coaching my athletes during practice. Teaching adaptive skiing to Special Olympic athletes and seeing them go from “never-evers” to racers standing on the podium at the Winter Games has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I feel this life experience can only enrich what I can offer in my service to the Mad River Glen Co-Op Board.