Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: July 10, 2019





10 July, 2019

Call-in meeting

Mad River Glen Co-Op Board


Attendees: John Tobin, Barclay Rappeport, Leigh Michl, Carol Pierce, Andy Weis, Meg Schulz, Matthew Milan, Brad Noble, Ron Shems, Matt Lillard


8: 02 AM John Tobin called the meeting to order and welcomed new trustees: Carol, Andy and Brad.

Approval of minutes for the June 15, 2019 meeting, Meg Schulz moved to approve, Matthew Milan seconded. Approval by majority. Leigh Michl abstained.

Discussion of the ballot mailing: The ballot will be included with the APR mailing. Sharon will have additional language printed on the outside of the envelope to alert shareholders as to the inclusion of the ballot. John Tobin and Barclay offered assistance with this project.

Ballot proposal:

Shall the Board of Trustees be authorized to make capital expenditures not to exceed $3,500,000 for the purposes of renovating the Basebox and rebuilding the Patrol/Ski School Building to meet current codes, improve functionality and energy efficiency while maintaining historic character?


Discussion regarding the language including the ski school designation of the building. Discussion of the addition of $500,000 to the $3m original number as there is additional fundraising happening over the summer. The project budget is currently $3m.


Meg Schulz moved to approve. Ron Shems second. Motion is unanimously approved.


Ballot Mailing and Green & Gold Special Meeting:

Meg Schulz and Britton are taking the lead on communication along with Matt Lillard. The deadline for mailing preparation is August 9. The website will have the bulk of the information although there is discussion regarding the amount of information to be included in the mailer. The website will be updated as work starts and further development is completed.  Andy has also offered to help with wording. Leigh questioned if the board needs to approve the content of the mailer. John commented that there will be opportunity to review the content, but it doesn’t require a vote. Suggestion is to have a deadline for feedback. Meg pointed out that the facilities committee should handle the final wording as they are the lead on this project.

Green & Gold special meeting: Presentation from the facilities committee will proceed the vote. Britton will lead the presentation.


Audit and organize board policies and post on line.

Currently the policy updates are posted in meeting minutes and have not been updated in the posted policies and bylaws. John has discussed with Matt Lillard regarding the information that the office has and compare/audit with the minutes that are on-line to make sure they are complete. The information will then be assembled and put into a cohesive collection to post on-line. The office has a book with all policies and additional electronic files.

Leigh has indicated he could go back through minutes. Carol has also indicated she would help, as well as Brad. Leigh volunteered to do 1999-2005 as that covers his previous board experience. John is asking for progress by September with a goal of completion by Green & Gold weekend. There will be a committee channel created on Slack to facilitate this project.


New Business:

MRG homeowners applied for approval for a plaque to honor Betsy Pratt. They’ve raised $600 which is enough to fund a 10″ x 12″ plaque. The plaque that honors Roland Palmedo is 18″ X 24″ but would cost $2000-2300 to make one in that size. They want to put up the plaque at this year’s Green & Gold weekend. Deb Steines is coordinating the plaque and is hoping for more involvement from the Trustees on this, which to date has been limited to approving the plaque.


Brad pointed out that there are a lot of shareholders who are not familiar with the history of the mountain or the creation of the co-op. There was general agreement that the 10”x12” plaque would be too small. This is an opportunity to reinforce the importance of Betsy’s contribution to the mountain. Without objection the Co-op will contribute additional funding to complete the plaque. Carol suggested John contact Deb Steines to inform her we would move forward with funding.


Board calendar: John is working on building a Google Calendar for the board and will send out information shortly. Andy suggested a Google Drive to help archive and Carol suggested that the committee which is working on the policies can contribute to the solution of this problem.


Bylaws: Ron is continuing work on updating the bylaws for online accuracy.


Development committee: will need to add a member in September.

8:44 AM Adjourn Carol moved to adjourn. John Tobin seconded.