Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: June 16, 2018






Board of Trustees Meeting

Mad River Glen Cooperative

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Annika Holtan

Meg Hourihan

Matt Kenny

Eric Palola

Barclay Rappeport

Meg Schultz

Ron Shems

Deb Steines (by phone)

John Tobin (absent)


Matt Lillard, General Manager


Matt Milan Trustee-Elect

Leigh Michl Trustee-Elect


8:00 AM Call to Order
8:01 A Welcome & Shareholder Comments


Meg and the rest of the Board honored out-going Trustees Annika Holtan and Deb Steines.


Trustees always go above and Annika has gone much further with her fundraising leadership and skills, and her overall commitment to Mad River Glen.


This was Deb’s second time serving on the Board, having filled a two-year term that opened because of a resignation.  Deb’s organizational skills and institutional memory have been invaluable.


Certificates were given to Annika, Deb and Alan Bates.  Alan Bates resigned last year and we wish him our best.


8:05 AM Review & Approve minutes of May 19, 2018 (Action)


Deb moved and Meg S. seconded that the May minutes be approved.

All approved.

8:10 AM Management Report (Matt L)


See attached.

Matt attended Ski Vermont meeting.  Topics discussed included:  VT Consumer protection bill and that all ski areas are having a hard time hiring sufficient seasonal workers.

At MRG it’s been a great summer so far.

Looking to obtain and install a better employee time-tracking system, and expand the point-of-sale system to rentals, and eventually shifting Mad Money to cards or passes.

The Pub opened on Memorial Day Weekend and business has been good.

The Basebox has been used for events.


The first APR mailing will go out in August.  E-commerce site is being used more and more.


Anyone can help with the float for the 4th of July parade.


Lift inspection was two weeks ago.  All went well.


Culvert and bridge work is moving up the hill.  Work on base area/Practice Slope has been done and seeded.  Drainage has been improved and water diverted from tower bases.


Electric line will be dropped into Chipmunk Bowl so that snow can be made there.


The General Store will open Friday evenings in July for the summer season.  Items also to be sold through the Pub.


8:20 AM Finance Committee Report and Budget (Deb)


·        Review projected cash flow for 2017-18


See attached.

The Committee recommends approval of the budget.  The bottom line is a reality that needs to be carefully managed.  The Committee has confidence that Matt can run the budget tightly.


·        Review proposed budget and pricing (Matt L) (Action)


See attached budget


Matt K. moved and Ron seconded that the budget be approved.


Eric P. said that this is a realistic and sobering budget.  He thanks Matt Lillard and the Finance Committee for their hard work.


Deb commented that Matt L. worked hard with staff on the budget and that staff now understands and is invested in the budget.


All approve.

8:55 PM Board Development


·        Election of Board Officers (Meg H) (Action)


Leigh Michl asked why officers are elected in June and why in-coming trustees do not vote for the officers.  The Board explained that officers are always elected in June because in-coming trustees typically do not know the trustees and their ability to perform the duties needed of an officer.  The Board also has an obligation to assure continuity and a smooth transition.


Meg H. proposes Eric Palola as President, Meg Schultz. as VP, Meg Hourihan as Treasurer, and Ron Shems. as Secretary


Matt K moves to accept the slate, and Deb S. seconded.


All approved.


·        Appointment of committee chairs (Action)


Annika and Eric P. will continue to serve as Co-Chairs of the Fundraising Committee

Matt and Barclay – Board Development Co-Chairs.

Britton Rogers – Facilities Committee Chair.

Meg H. as Finance Committee Chair.


·        Schedule and activities for 2018-19


See attached.  Green and Gold is 10/6.  All other events are as scheduled on the attached.

9:00 AM Fundraising Committee Report (Annika)


The Campaign is going well.


Thanks to Deb’s hard work – there is the potential for a large gift.


So far, $3.4 M in hand, $3.65M with a pending match.


The Committee is working on other match opportunities.


Meg S. is helping with the website and Instagram.



9:10 AM Additional Shareholder Comments


Leigh Michl commented that the little obstacles for kids, like the hump at the top of Chipmunk gives MRG character.  A forest and trail policy is suggested.


Meg S. commented that that is important, but we are also trying to make best with less snow.


Deb S. commented that this can be addressed in the Strategic Plan.


Matt Milan said that he enjoyed the blog post about the ski industry, and wanted to know if posts would continue.  Meg H. said that Matt L. was hired, in part for strong communication skills and to have MRG be part of the larger ski industry community.


John Brownley stated that fire and erosion are concerns.  There are no fire facilities at Stark’s Nest.  Worried because of the fire that occurred at the stone hut on Mansfield a couple winters ago.  Matt L. said the fire place is fixed and that there are fire extinguishers there.  The fire place is closed and only staff can light a fire.  Starks Nest is an insured building. Hikers light fires. Matt L. will review fire policy and contact the Green Mountain Club.


John B. noted that vehicles and work on the mountain can cause ruts leading to erosion and cited the tire tracks on Canyon and Porcupine.   He also noted there were no gates to keep people from driving on the trails and that the service road is down to bedrock in spots and no longer has grass down the center.  Matt L. said that work will help prevent erosion, particularly the culvert work.  The general public has not been driving on trails.

9:15 AM Action Item Review (Ron)


Memorial Policy – Leigh submitted a draft and work on that will continue on Slack.  Deb thinks that the memorial policy should be written by Matt L.

Backcountry Program Grant Request – in the works

Facility committee Chair – done


Action Item for the next meeting – When officers are elected and review whether to continue electing them in June.

9:48 AM Executive Session to discuss sensitive issues.


10:00 AM The Board came out of executive session without taking any further action.


Annika moved to adjourn her last Board meeting, Departing Trustee Deb Seconded. The Board adjourned.

Manager’s Report 6.16.18