Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes June 25, 2001






Shareholder Annual Meeting

Mad River Glen Cooperative
Management Report
June 25, 2001

The following is management’s report for the month of May and June 2001.

Operations for the month of May and June ran very well. Capital and maintenance projects got in to full swing.

Mountain Operations:

All lifts had their ten percent removed with grips sent out for NDT. Sheave replacement project began on the single and at this writing all towers have been done except one at top and mid station.

In the process of working at the top towers, movement in an up and down direction was noticed on the bull wheel. During the de-tensioning process, this will be further examined to insure the movement is within tolerances. If they are not, most likely the thrust bearing will require replacement.

A wedding rehearsal dinner was held on June 22. This is the first of 5 wedding events we are having at the mountain this summer.

Capital planning is going well. Permitting for the Maintenance shop will be complete 7/12 and all contractors are in place ready to start on August 1. All other projects are moving forward, we are scheduled to start renewal of the west wall of ticket booth on July 9th.

Summer Camp:

Staffing is in place. Enrollment has been slower than anticipated. This, in our opinion, is the result of our pricing. We have since developed revised pricing and notified all last year’s campers as well as other inquiries.

Share Sales:

4 shares were sold in May and 4 and I defaulted in June. Budget for these two months was 2 each month. YTD sales are 62 against a budget of 66.

125 leads collected over the season have been entered in our database and ma mailing has been sent to that database. All the various form letters have been updated and re-tooled. New system has been set up for distribution of share certificates has been set up alleviating past problems. Web based inquires continue to the most productive.

Shareholder Communications:

“Chute” was mailed May 7th. A postcard mailing will go out in July with calendar of events and reminder of the shareholder barbecue on August 18th.


Budget has been completed and is sent as separate item in this month’s packet.


Plans are being developed for next year with regard to foreign students and filling of seasonal manager’s positions.


MRG has joined Vermont Business for Social Responsibility and looks forward to working with this organization in sharing many of the programs that have been developed about environmental practices and livable jobs.