Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: March 16, 2019





Board of Trustees Meeting

Mad River Glen Cooperative



Saturday, March 16, 2019



Meg H. (phone)

Matt K. (phone)

Leigh Michl

Matthew Milan

Eric Palola

Barclay Rappeport

Meg Schultz (absent)

Ron Shems

John Tobin






5: 00 PM       Call to Order


Welcome & Shareholder Comments


Joe Perella:  MRG should develop an uphill policy for when the lifts are running.  Other Mountains have a policy allowing uphill when lifts are running and there have been no safety issues.  We do not want freeloaders, can limit to pass and ticket holders and shareholders.  Skinning on the side of a designated trail, if done right – in a controlled way, is not dangerous.


Rocky: Concurs with the gist of Joe’s remarks.  The more we can have people here, the better.




5:10 PM        Approval of Minutes of February 16, 2019                   Decision


Barclay moves, Matt M. seconds, all approve.


5:15 PM        Management Report (Matt L)


See attached.


Assuming we stay open through the scheduled close date of April 7, this will be one of our three longest seasons.  Closure will be reassessed based on conditions around April 7.


5:30 PM        Early Season Pass Sales                                           Decision


Proposal to start selling 2019-20 passes as of 3/18 to start cash flow early and allow family budgeting.  The price would be the same as this year’s pass.  No discount will be offered.  Pass prices are not set yet, but there will be no significant change from this year, maybe a slight increase.  Buying now would avoid any increase.


A 19-29 year old pass will be offered at a good price to attract that age group.  Presently, there are only 11 pass-holders in that age range.  MRG should have a pass offering for this age group.


The Finance Committee discussed and approves this.


Ron moves, Matthew M. seconds, all approve.




5:40 PM        Finance Committee (Matthew M)


The Management Report (attached) touches on most of the Finance Committee updates.


Income for February was just short of target by $11K. Expenses were just short of target by $10K, Net Ordinary Income was a loss of $21K.


Ski school income was well above budget for February. Ski school wages increased as a result but ski school wages as a percent of sales is lower than budget and lower than last year.


Plowing costs are up from last year, Management plans to work with the vendor to reset expectations.


The Basebox continues to be strong in terms of income. Basebox expenses are in line with last year. Labor costs are down, and beer and liquor costs are down, but food costs are not. Management is looking at a range of options to drive improvement.


The Finance Committee is reaching out to past treasurers, fact finding, and building on its knowledge base.  It is considering changing its meeting format to be more forward looking, evaluating risks and opportunities as well as measurement approaches to best support the Board and management.


The FC will continue to fine tune and focus the Committee over the coming months.


5:50 PM        Fundraising Committee Report (Eric/Annika)


$4,538,000 plus matching funds allowed Boopsie, the single chair rider, to be moved up the fundraising mountain today!


Approximately $30,000 raised through the Montclair Ski Club.  Brad Noble will reach out to other clubs.  There are 7 gifts of $250,000, and another 7 of $100,000.  We have a final match of $200,000, and are confident that match will be met.


Grants are being sought for summer work, and are hopeful that grants will be approved.


$2,280 was raised with the Grift on Feb, 22.


The public phase will end on April 30, 2019, but conversations will continue and donations will be sought through Green and Gold weekend in the fall since planning for Basebox and Patrol Building repairs will continue through the summer and next winter for 2020 construction season


6:00 PM        Facilities Committee (Meg H/Meg S)


See attached statement from Meg Hourihan.  More will be discussed in executive session.  There has been a lot of work and look forward to specifics to be presented at the annual meeting.



6:15 PM        Annual Meeting preparation   (Eric)


There will be a role for the Facilities Committee.


We have a full slate of candidates.  Brad Noble and Charlie Hauck are in attendance.


Matt L. will do the management report.


MRTV will broadcast.


Barclay and Ron will discuss how to manage the election.



6:25 PM        Other Business


The attached resolution was developed and discussed.


Barclay moved to adopt the resolution, Matthew M. seconded, all approve.


Shareholder comment:


Rocky Bleir expressed the need for climate change planning with the funds being raised, and that the fundraising net needs to cast wider than our little community.  MRG should do more for renewable energy and to reduce its carbon footprint.


6:30 PM        Adjourn public session


6:30 – 7 PM  Executive Session


The Board went into executive session at 6:35 to discuss sensitive and confidential matters.


The Board came out of executive session at 7:38.  No further action was taken.


The Board adjourned at 7:38.




Board of Trustees

Mad River Glen Cooperative


Meg H. (phone)

Matt K. (phone)

Leigh Michl

Matthew Milan

Eric Palola

Barclay Rappeport

Meg Schultz (absent)

Ron Shems

John Tobin




MARCH 16, 2019


The Board RECOGNIZES that:

  1. Trustees are to engage in exemplary behavior and adhere to the Trustees’ roles and responsibilities ad code of ethics;
  2. Some trustees have acted inappropriately towards staff and at Mad River Glen events;
  3. Examples of inappropriate behavior towards staff include: taking issue with how staff is doing its work, insulting staff, and other inappropriate behavior.


The Board RESOLVES, that:

  1. Such behavior by Trustees cannot, and will not, be tolerated;
  2. The Board shall send a letter of apology to staff;
  3. The Board shall pursue further action with specific Trustees, as appropriate; and
  4. The Board shall engage in further Board training.



Unanimously adopted on March 16, 2019.


Manager’s Report 3.16.19