Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: May 18, 2019





Board of Trustees Meeting

Mad River Glen Cooperative



Saturday, May 18, 2019


Matt Kenny (phone)

Leigh Michl

Matthew Milan

Eric Palola

Barclay Rappeport

Meg Schultz (phone)

Ron Shems

John Tobin


Matt Lillard

Brad Noble Trustee-Elect (phone)

Carol Pierce Trustee-Elect



8: 00 AM       Call to Order


Welcome & Shareholder Comments


Trustee-elect Carol Pierce stated that the incorrect version of the bylaws is posted on website.  Eric explained that it was a mistake.  The bylaws, minutes and amendments will be reviewed and a corrected version posted.


8:10 AM        Approval of Minutes of March 16, April 6 (Annual Meeting) &                                                      April 13 (Special Meeting)


Barclay moved and Leigh seconded to adopt the minutes as corrected by Leigh.

All approved.


8:15 AM        Management Report (Matt L)


See attached.  We had a good year!


Barclay suggested that General Store on-line orders can be picked up at the pub to avoid shipping.


Matt L’s goal is to hire a new Patrol Director in the fall.

Matt L. will review the marketing director position.





8:30 AM        Finance Committee (Matthew M)

YTD performance and FY20 Budget preview


See attached.


  1. Finance Committee standard oversight for April and May: The Finance Committee met twice since the last Trustee meeting. Pre-season pass sales went well, particularly with new pass holders and 19-29 year-old pass holders.  The rainy day fund is $250,000 which could limit use of the line of credit to only $40,000 in the summer.  We had a record breaking season length.  Retail store slightly higher than last year.  On line sales (tickets) went well.


  1. 2020 review: Matt L. presented the proposed budget to the Finance Committee and the Committee will provide a recommendation by May 31.


  1. The FC is looking to streamline and improve the FC process and membership to be more strategic and assure a better fit with Co-op finance staff.


8:40 AM        Fundraising Committee Report (Eric/Annika)


See attached.


A full campaign debriefing and next steps will be presented at the June meeting.


The campaign is finishing quite strongly.  To date, $5.54M has been raised allowing the Basebox renovations to be funded.


Annika Holtan, John Tobin, Eric Palola, Matt Lillard and many others are to be thanked for all of their very hard work on the Campaign.


A shareholder vote will be required for the work.  It will be important to present information to shareholders to assure an informed and solid vote.  We are aiming for a vote on Green and Gold Weekend.  See Facilities Committee report, below.


8:50 AM        Facilities Committee (Meg H/Meg S)


The Facilities Committee met on May 8.  It will move forward on preliminary design.  The ski school lunch room expansion will be included in the renovations.  The goal is to have a proposal for Green and Gold.  A webpage will be created to provide shareholder info.


9:15 AM        Other Business




9:15 -10:45 AM       Executive Session to discuss personnel and other sensitive issues


The Board adjourned at 10:45 without taking further action.


Manager’s Report 5.18.19