Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: May 19, 2018






Board of Trustees Meeting

Mad River Glen Cooperative

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Annika Holtan

Meg Hourihan (phone)

Matt Kenny

Eric Palola

Barclay Rappeport

Meg Schultz (phone)

Ron Shems

Deb Steines (phone)

John Tobin (absent)


Matt Lillard General Manager


Leigh Michl Trustee-elect

Matt Milan Trustee-elect



8:00 AM Call to Order
8:01 AM Welcome & Shareholder Comments



8:05 AM Approve minutes of March 17, 2018 and April 7, 2018 (Action)


Barclay moved to approve the minutes of March 17, 2018 Board of Trustees meeting, Matt K. seconded. All approved.


Matt K moved to approve the minutes of April 7, 2018 Annual Meeting, Barclay seconded.  Meg H. abstained, all others approved.

8:10 AM Management Report (Matt L)


See attached


Many people watched the annual meeting on MRTV, and provided positive feedback.


The Mountain has had a good start to the off-season with work and maintenance underway.


The pub will re-open next week, Thursday, May 24, and will sell some General Store items including hats and stickers.


Various events are planned for the upcoming ski season.

8:20 PM Fundraising Committee Report (Annika)

In April and early May, SMF fulfilled three grant requests from MRG:  Excavator, Lift 4 Frames and Drive, Stark Nest Chimney Repair.

To date the Co-op has received over $886k in grants directly applied to Mountain Preservation and Facilities capital expenditures.


Direct mail announcing the $150,000 shareholder match will be sent to shareholders next week.   Existing donors and shareholders who have not yet made a donation will be sent targeted letters along with a donation form and a campaign report.  This is a dollar for dollar match for all new pledges and gifts of $500 or more made by shareholders and runs through Green and Gold Weekend.


The Campaign is striving for 100% shareholder participation in the public phase of the Campaign.  There is about 20% participation to date for the Preserve Our Paradise campaign, and there was roughly 45% participation in the Single Chair Campaign.


A back country environmental education proposal is being developed for submission to the Robbins-de Beaumont Foundation.


8:25 PM Facilities Committee Report (Meg S)


The Committee held an organizational meeting.  The Board will plan to appoint a new chair at the next regular board meeting.  Meg S. and Meg H. will have a courtesy discussion with the Committee regarding a new chair before the next Trustee meeting.

8:30 AM Preliminary Budget Presentation & Discussion (Matt L)

See attached.


This is a prudent proposed budget.


The proposed budget is intended to better reflect actual operations.

Some wages will increase.

Ticket rates and Mad Card prices will stay the same.

A 3% increase for passes is proposed.

MRG’s youth ski programs are significantly underpriced and very high quality, and pricing will be considered as part of the budget.


The Finance Committee will meet again on June 4 and will make a recommendation on the budget in time for the June Trustee meeting on June 16.


9:20 AM Additional Shareholder Comments


Leigh Michl commented that purchasing three Mad Cards was less expensive than the break-even point (nine ski days) for a Value pass.  Matt L. noted that assumes the person will only want to ski 9 days.


Leigh also said that many local families do not use the Cricket Club because it is too expensive, particularly when coupled with other costs such as kids program.  It should be an investment to encourage use of other programs/products.


Matt L. responded that bundling and multiple-kid discounts are being considered.

Leigh also asked if an afternoon ticket is being considered.  Matt L. said that MRG offers a 2:00-4:00 ticket and that it will be better promoted next year.


Matt Milan asked whether we have Cricket Club utilization data.


9:25 AM Action Item Review (Ron)




Action items for the June meeting:

Memorial policy

Backcountry Program Grant Request

Confirm Facility Committee chair for Board approval

9:26 AM Executive Session
10:20 AM The Board adjourned without further action being taken.


Manager’s Report 5.19.18