Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: November 17, 2018





Board of Trustees Meeting

Mad River Glen Cooperative

Saturday, November 17, 2018


Meg Hourihan

Matt Kenny (absent)

Leigh Michl

Matt Milan

Eric Palola

Barclay Rappeport

Meg Schultz

Ron Shems

John Tobin


Matt Lillard

8:00 AM Call to Order
Welcome & Shareholder Comments


Deri Meier sent a letter proposing a bylaw change so that any person appointed to the Board run for the next election (attached below).  He asked that the Board consider the letter.  The election would be for the remainder of the term so that staggered terms continued.  The Board will take Deri’s suggestion under advisement and refer it to the governance committee.


John Stetson thanks the Board for its work.  He is interested in how donations to the Preserve Our Paradise capital campaign is being spent and is willing to serve on Facilities Committee to use his professional skills to help out.


Britton Rogers made the same comment as John Stetson.


·       Review & Approve minutes of September 15, 2018 (Action)

Meg H. moved approval, Eric seconds, all approve.











·       Management Report (Matt)


See attached below.

We may open early if weather holds.  Saturday, November 24-25, and close midweek.  Single only.  Pub only, no cafeteria.

·       Forest Management Plan update  (Eric P/ Matt)


Existing plan was created in 2000 and needs to be updated.  Lars Bruns and Jay Appleton are willing to help Matt L. update it.  Regeneration and climate zones, regulatory requirements need to be revisited.  Current use program will be considered.



·       Finance Committee Report (Meg H).  See attached below.


The Finance Committee met on Nov. 14.  The Committee is continuing to ask for and investigate process and practices so that finances and cash flow are less dependent upon weather.  The LOC was paid down to zero on 10/26/2018!   The Committee looks forward to reviewing the audit when it’s completed.



·       Fundraising Committee Report (Annika Holton/John Tobin/Eric P)


$3,783,000 to date.  To date, $315,000 grants from SMF. $250,000 year-end match through December 31, 2018.  Minimum for match will be $500.

Donations can be made online at

Birdland lift, Patrol bldg., and Basebox are next three big projects.



·       Facilities Committee  (Meg H)


Committee members Britton Rogers, John Stetson and Peter Hourihan were present.


Meg H moves to approve revised mission statement, Barclay seconds.


Discussion:  Leigh asked what is, “architectural vision.”  Britton answered that it is building energy, aesthetics, etc. as directed by the Board.


All approve the revised mission statement (attached below).


Meg H moves to approve the membership of the Facilities Committee.  Eric P. seconds.


John Ayers, Bob Cook, Annika Holtan, Meg Hourihan, Peter Hourihan, Matt Lillard, Linc Prescott, Britton Rogers, Meg Schultz, John Stetson


All approve


Meg moves that the Board authorize work on the Patrol Building as outlined in the attached below recommendation (attached), and authorize management to issue RFP/solicit proposals for the evaluation in Item 1 of the attached for subsequent approval.  Matt M. seconds.


Discussion:  Leigh asked questions regarding the wording of the motion. It was clarified that the motion is only to authorize the issuance of an RFP for preliminary professional services related to the Patrol Building, and to recommended to the board a services firm to perform those preliminary services.  The proposed motion did not authorize any spending.  The Board will decide later whether to accept any proposal to develop a design.


John Stetson commented that Board has set a project cost level of $375,000, 30-40% of which are soft costs.  The Board and management are setting the Patrol Building as a priority.  The Committee relies on info it is given.  It is not creating the architectural vision.


Meg H. stated that the Patrol Building is not necessarily first for construction.  An evaluation of the Patrol Building is needed for the larger plan.


All approve


Meg H. moves and Barclay seconds that the Board ask the Facilities Committee develop a recommendation for the Basebox (in similar form and substance to the Patrol Building.)


Discussion: Eric P. commented that we may want to consider the efficiencies of having a single design firm do the Patrol Building and Basebox. Peter Hourian says that that Committee can consider and recommend whether to bundle.  The timing may not make it possible.  Annika commented that the Campaign Committee strongly recommends that the process move forward for the Basebox.


All approve


·       Board Development / Governance Committee  (Ron)

Ron moves, Meg H. seconds, that the Board approve the amended mission statement Leigh proposed, with the last sentence of paragraph 3 struck (attached below).


All approve


Barclay and Ron to co-chair.




·       Memorial Policy & Betsy Pratt plaque (Eric P)

Matt M. and John Tobin second approval of the memorial policy.


All approve.


·       Executive Committee composition (Eric P)


Meg Schultz and Ron Shems to switch positions.  Ron will be VP and Meg Schultz will be Secretary.


Eric P. moves and Barclay seconds the switch.


All approve.


·       Executive Session at 10:15


The Board came out of executive session at 11:15 without taking action.


The Board adjourned at 11:15

Letter from Deri Meier Re-Board Appointments

Manager’s Report 11.17.18

November 14, 2018 Finance Committee Minutes

Facilities Committee Mission Statement

Patrol Building Recommendation 11.15.18

Mission Statement for the Board Development & Governance Committee