Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes; September 1, 2016





Mad River Glen Cooperative Board of Trustees Meeting

September 1, 2016,  Minutes


The Trustees of the Mad River Glen Cooperative, having all been given proper notice, met on Thursday September 1, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. at Deb Steines’ home, Upper Mountain Rd, Fayston, VT to discuss a sensitive, confidential matter that needed to be addressed prior to the regularly scheduled September 10, 2016 meeting.

Present:Jon Anderson, Annika Holtan, Meg Hourihan, Matt Kenny (via Skype), Eric Palola, Ron Shems, Deb Steines, and John Tobin

  1. Meeting called to order by Chair Hourihan at 6:40

  2. At 6:41, Ron Shems moved that the Board go into executive session, Annika seconded and the Board unanimously approved.

  3. The Board came out of executive session at 8:34.

  4. Deb Steines moved, seconded by Matt Kenny, to:

    1. accept General Manager and President Jamey Wimble’s resignation;

    2. offer a severance package, the terms of which remain confidential at this time;

    3. establish a management committee chaired by Meg Hourihan and consisting of Eric Friedman, Sharon Crawford and Nate Martin to manage the Mountain on an interim basis;

    4. make needed changes to persons authorized to access and manage financial and checking accounts, and change other authorizations and named responsible persons as needed; and,

    5. have the Board form a search committee, and address other matters relating to Jamey’s resignation and search for a replacement at its September 10, 2016 meeting.

The motion carried unanimously.

  1. Eric Palola made a motion to adjourn and the Board adjourned at 8:37.