Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: September 15, 2018





Board of Trustees Meeting

Mad River Glen Cooperative

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Meg Hourihan

Matt Kenny

Leigh Michl

Matt Milan

Eric Palola (by phone)

Barclay Rappeport (by phone)

Meg Schultz

Ron Shems

John Tobin


Matt Lillard





8:00 AM Call to Order
  New Trustees Matt Milan and Leigh Michl were warmly welcomed.  Former Trustees Deb Steines, Annika Holtan and Jim Elkind attended and were also welcomed.


There were no shareholder comments

8:15 AM Review & Approve minutes of June 16, 2018 (Action)


Matt K moved, Meg Schultz seconded, and all approved.


8:20  AM



Board Roles & Responsibilities  (Ron)


Ron explained the corporate and board structures and how trustees work within the board structure, the Board’s authority is when its acts as the Board, and the chain of communication between the Board and management.  The roles of the Board, individual trustees, and management were discussed.  The Board will have a governance discussion/refresher at least once a year for new and current Trustees.



8:30 AM Management Report (Matt)


See attached

8:50 AM Finance & Facilities Committees Report (Meg H)


The Finance Committee met on Wednesday 9/12.  NOI is approximately where forecasted.  Andrew Snow will be coming back for a month in preparation of the upcoming season.  The Committee will meet again in November after the fiscal year ends.


The Facilities Committee met on Wednesday 9/12.  It is developing its mission including specific facilities work that will be done with POP funds.


9:00 AM Fundraising Committee Report (Annika Holtan)


See attached Star Chart.


Pledges continued to come in over the summer.   The Shareholder Match that was announced at the Annual Meeting has raised to date $130,000 in new donations and pledges from shareholders toward the $150,000 match.  Approximately 1,200 shareholders have not yet donated to the POP Campaign.  The Trustees are being asked to look at the list and circle back with Annika to help personally reach shareholder friends during the match period to raise the final $20k and beyond. Annika provided the Trustees with the packet of information typically given to potential donors.


As of August 31, $3,646,478 has been pledged/raised (see attached star chart).  When the shareholder match is met, the campaign totals will exceed $3,730k.


Donations and pledge payments traditionally come in December and the Committee/Campaign Cabinet are preparing for December and Giving Tuesday (November 27). The funds for another match have been secured.  Details and recommendations to come from the Campaign Cabinet.



A new Friday after school program that will offer free after school skiing to students in the Washington West Supervisory Union and Addison Northeast Supervisory Union has been funded for the next three years.  Many thanks to the Reed Family Foundation for funding the program.  Kudos to Barclay Rappeport and Matt Lillard for developing the program.



Next campaign event: Ribbon cutting for the new Bird Cage deck and entry way, date TBA.


9:20 AM MRG Cooperative Website  (Leigh/Matt)


See Management Report


Some changes have already been made.  The Coop calendar page is improved.


Posting searchable minutes of pre-2018 meetings does not seem to be practical.  Starting in 2018, the minutes can now be collectively indexed/searched.


Leigh will coordinate item 1 on the Management Report “Issues with Current Co-op Website” list.


Committee meeting schedules and related information will be posted on the website.  The Board will review the FAQs.


Next steps and developing more detail will be tabled, to be discussed at the  November meeting as part of whether to establish a governance committee and its mandate.


9:30 AM Action Item Review (Ron)


See above for the next meeting.


9:40 AM Executive Session


The Board went into executive session to discuss personnel matters.


The Board came out of executive session at 9:55 without taking any action.

10 AM The Board adjourned its meeting at 9:55.


Manager’s Report 9.15.18