Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: September 16, 2017






Board of Trustees Meeting

Mad River Glen Cooperative

Saturday, September 16, 2017



Alan Bates

Annika Holtan

Meg Hourihan (by phone)

Matt Kenny

Matt Lillard, General Manager

Eric Palola

Meg Schultz

Ron Shems

Deb Steines

John Tobin


8:00 AM Call to Order
8:01 AM Welcome & Shareholder Comments


Several shareholders attended.  No comments were offered.

8:05 AM Review & Approve minutes of July 15, 2017 (Action)


Deb Steines moved, Ron Shems seconded.

Unanimously approved.

8:10 AM Management Report (Matt L)


Productive summer.  Starting to gear up with seasonal departments and staff.

Ernie, long-time bookkeeper retiring.  Will post to hire next week.

E-commerce being tested and will be launched in November.

APR due date is Sept. 30.

Pub has had a good summer and will shut down after foliage until December.

Will make some minor fixes to base box over the fall.  Lighting, door sweeps, etc.

Website design is moving along, but slowly.  Hope to launch by Nov. 1.

Chair lifts all OK, inspections went well.  Bird land lift still has a few years.

New mower has been great and trails have a “good haircut.”

Drainage and culvert work has been very impressive and should make a difference on the hill, particularly with snow management.



8:20 AM Finance Committee Report (Deb)


The Finance Committee did not meet in September.  Finances are as projected.  No surprises and on budget.

8:25 AM Fundraising Committee Report (Annika)



2,750 snow

2740 endowment

?? for Birdcage


2 grant requests pending





Green and Gold events are being planned.


August campaign cabinet meeting




Campaign initiatives adjusted/reallocated to reflect lower skier services building costs and greater lift (Birdland), and snowmaking priorities.


Overall goals not changed.  Minimum needs not changed. [RS1]


Annika Holtan moved to update and reallocate minimum needs for the Campaign (This motion does not change goals).  Alan Bates seconded.


Unanimously approved


Annika Holtan moved to extend pledge period for an extra year to 2021 to allow for 5 full donor years.  John Tobin seconded.


Unanimously approved


Annika Holtan moved to extend public phase (starting in December of 2017) to 2019.  Matt Kenny seconded.


Unanimously approved.






8:45 AM Board Development Committee Report (Deb)



Deb Steines moved to approve the Board Development Committee Mission Statement. Meg Schultz seconded.


Unanimously approved.



Deb presented and the Board discussed a proposed agenda for a Board retreat.


9:00 AM Facilities Committee Report (Meg)



The Committee will be convened on Green and Gold to discuss Basebox plans and campaign funds.  John Stetson will be involved.


9:05 AM Birdcage Construction Project Update and Authorization (Matt L, Discussion only)


Unlikely that deck and entryway will be built before the 2017-18 ski season.  Still need permits from the town and state (Fire Safety).

9:20 AM Plan for Green & Gold Town Hall Meeting (Meg H/Eric P)


Topics and plans for Green & Gold were discussed, including shareholder information sessions.


Topics will include campaign, operations, etc.  Matt will have slide show of work over the summer and other highlights.

9:30 AM Action Item Review (Ron)



9:31 AM Break
9:40 AM Executive Session


No action taken.

10:15 AM Adjourn


The Board adjourned at 10:00.

Manager’s Report 9.16.17