Communication Committee Meeting: April 2001





Mad River Glen Cooperative Communication Committee
Report to Shareholders
April 2001


The Shareholders Communication Committee was formed with the broad-based goal of improving the flow of communications between the shareowners, the Board of Directors and Mad River Glen employees. To meet this goal the Committee has created a survey to gauge shareholder satisfaction in a number of different areas. Please take the time to complete the survey and return it by April 22nd.


In the future the Communications Committee would like to accomplish the following:


… Develop a more consistent committee structure with regularly scheduled meetings, including the addition of 2-3 meetings to be held during busy mountain times (i.e. holiday or ski vacation weeks) to increase the participation of out-of-state shareholders.


… Combine the previously created Shareholder Relations Committee with the Communications Committee and consolidate meetings.


… Enhance and contribute to the current communication vehicles at MRG.


Ideas include:


1. Contribute to the content of The Chute (shareholder newsletter) and aid in the creation of a timely publication schedule.


2. Distribute regular status reports to the Board of Directors on the activities of the committee.


3. Review and distribute “Suggestion Box” items to the appropriate areas on a monthly basis.


4. Utilize the main Bulletin Board for relevant mountain information (i.e.: Mountain news including competition announcements, results, schedule of board & committee meetings, MRG news clips etc)


… The Committee would like to serve as another conduit for shareholders to provide feedback to the Board and/or the MRG management team in an effort to increase the avenues available and also act as a filter.


The Communications Committee welcomes new members and encourages shareholders to participate in constructive discussion about Mad River Glen. We look forward to your comments and participation.