Communication Committee Meeting: April 3, 2001





Mad River Glen Cooperative Communication Committee
Meeting Minutes
April 3, 2001


Shareowners present: Robin Bleier, Dee Dee Cartinelli, Fritz & Vivian


Branschofsky, Rick Moulton, Gamal Buhaina, Lu Putnam, Stacey Hood, Wendy Bridgewater, Irma Heeter, Liz Moffit, Jim Vann, Sara & Chris Haviland, Ave Haviland and Preservation Certificate Holder: Bill Heinzerling.


The meeting opened with a shareholder survey update:


For logistical reasons, Management has taken on the responsibility of having the survey printed and mailed by Friday, April 6, rather than utilize the volunteer effort solicited and arranged by the Communications Committee (CC).


Tabulation of survey answers will be accomplished in Microsoft “Excel”.


Discussion ensued as to how this would be done. The CC voted to accept the responsibility for tabulation. A meeting to discuss teams, assignments, tabulation forms/templates and data entry mechanisms was set for April 20.


The CC voted to recommend that the committee either report directly to the Board of Trustees or be merged with the inactive Shareholder Relations Committee. The CC believes this is a necessary step to facilitate communication with the Board of Trustees.


A review of the 5 broad goals set in the April 1, 2000 “Report to Shareholders” was next on the agenda. The CC membership felt that a good portion of the goals had been achieved.


Discussion ensued:

The “Chute” could be an improved “vehicle” of communication if there was more timeliness & frequency in its production.


Management will continue to be invited to send a representative to CC meetings, however this was not perceived to be a requirement.


CC recommends that it be responsible for tabulation and dissemination of results of Suggestion Boxes (Basebox and On-line).


CC is proposing to become a conduit and filter for Shareholder comments, questions, concerns and recommendations at regularly scheduled meetings. The CC would present these items to the Board of Trustees or Management for action or response and report back to the Shareholder.


A first floor bulletin board devoted to sale of skis, lost dogs, etc., would free up space on the second floor bulletin boards. The board by the bar could be entirely dedicated to Co-Op business. Events of the day/week/month/and even the year could be prominently displayed and updated, allowing Shareholders to schedule their presence well in advance.


Meetings of CC might be held on holiday weekends or during holiday weeks to encourage more out of town Shareholders to participate.


A meeting is being planned to revisit the content of the ŒChute¹.


Sara Haviland agreed to prepare a report of CC activities and updated goals for distribution at the Annual Meeting and presentation to the board on April 14.