Communication Committee Meeting: March 27, 2001





Communications Committee Meeting
March 27, 2001


The Communications Committee of the MRG Co-op met at 5:30 PM on Tues. March 27th to finalize changes and corrections to the Shareholders Survey. The Graphic designer Stacy incorporated many of the changes suggested from the Reiley Group of Newport Rhode Island, The input from the Co-op Board was discussed and added to the survey. Additional suggestions from Management and interested shareholders was considered and added as deemed appropriate.


The Committee tried the box response for Section Two. After many variations it was discarded as too limiting. Recognizing and accepting the task of a more difficult tabulation the committee decided to keep this section as originally presented but it was slimmed to 3 Questions. Part Three was recreated following Jay Appleton’s suggestions for a better focus and true prioritization. All changes were to be passed to Stacy for final layout. She in turn will send the Layout to Joanne Martini in NYC who is facilitating free printing.


It was agreed that the shareholder name will not be on the survey and that Al’s hologram will be affixed to the forms by Management to serve as the safeguard that responses are official. A self address return envelope with postage will accompany the survey and a small bumper sticker.


The Committee settled upon a deadline of April 23rd for the completed surveys and agreed to manage and conduct the tabulation of the Survey. It was suggested that Rocky suggest to the Board that they consolidate the roles of the Liaison and Communications into one Committee which could be called whatever. This committee would report to the Board through its chair and meeting minutes.


The Meeting adjourned at 8:00