Facilities Committee Meeting: January 2, 2003






Mad River Glen Cooperative

Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes

Jan. 2, 2003

Meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm. In attendance were the following owners:

Jito Coleman, Chairman

Rocky Bleier, Board member

Lu Putnam, Board member

Jamey Wimble, GM

Jim Vane

Bill H.

Wendy Bridgewater

The first topic was a review of past meeting, our process and the recent Board recommendation. The Committee had previously recommended the development of a Master Planning scoping document that could be presented to a number of architects for critique and budget recommendations. This would also serve as a possible early list of candidates. To this end, Jito suggested that he would prepare a preliminary scoping document to be shown around for comment and discussion.

The Master Planning scoping documents would focus on describing the following items.

         Interpertation of the Coops Mission, Goals and Strategic planning documents as they might pertain to the facilities.

         Establish a baseline for facilities needs for the next twenty years, ie. 2025

o       Work with management to create a priority list of needs and timeframes

o       Updates to the current facilities inventory that is needed.

         Define and solidify a plan to preserve the ”look and feel” of the area.

The full process of conducting a Master Plan for the facilities was envisioned to include the following steps:

         Create Scoping Documents

         Put out a request for bids to architects for Master Planning development documents.

         Review bids and select appropriate firm or team. (We will need a real process for this as it can get contenious) (It is possible that we might be lucky enough to have an all coop member team created that would conduct the process inexpensively and with some insight and knowledge of MRG.)

         Selected provider presents Master Plan options to Committee and then to Board.

         Review, comments, tomatoes being flung and general mayhem, with supposed outcome as presentation to the membership.

         Acceptance of Master Plan, maybe a membership vote.

The Master Plan will then be the guiding document that will govern future facilities improvements and new buildings, until it is changed or modified by some future group of nuts.

New Business:

Jamey presented the needs for facility improvement for the summer of ’03.

         2nd floor office deck converted to inside office. The committee was in full agreement.

         Birdcage gable ends. Committee was in full agreement with management that only a limited amount of funds be spend to shore up the building. Any further expenses should wait for a coherent plan that would allow a decent return on the investment. It was suggested by Bill Heinzerling that a resteruant sign to put up so people would know they could buy food there. Jito (at Bonnie’s urging) suggested it be called the Birdfeeder.

         The patrol building was not scheduled for construction this summer, but preliminary thinking on the needs and scope and look of the building was presented. The committee agreed with the described needs and general philosophy of management and agreed to recommend to the Board that a reserve fund for this building should be created this year. The estimated budget for this building as envisioned could easily cost $250,00 to $300,000. To refresh the Board’s memory the new building is envisioned to house the following functions.

         Ski patrol equipment and locker room

         Emergency treatment room

         Ski school director office

         Ski school equipment and locker room

         Public locker room


It is further understood that this building should allow for increased revenue from the ski shop which would be allowed to grow substantially and the new and improved locker room would yield additional revenue from increase yearly fees and increase number of lockers.

Bill Heinzerling voiced his option that the Hillman property was an important aspect to growth of facilities in the base area and may impact the planning for the Patrol building.

The committee agreed that the Hillman property could be an important asset to the coop.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted.

Jito Coleman, Chairman