Facilities Committee Meeting: May 12, 2003






Mad River Glen Cooperative

Facilities Committee Minutes

May 12, 2003


Jito Coleman, Chairman

Bill Hienzerling, Jamey Wimble, Mark Renson, Dave Sellers

  • Review of the addition to the office by covering the western 2nd floor deck. Drawings were reviewed by the group and agree that the design was appropriate, well thought out and would enhance the building. Material selections were appropriate for the traditional base area.
  • Capital Items for 2003 summer season were quickly reviewed and Jamie said the current financial situation would support the Tier 1 level of construction.
  • Discussion of the “Strategic Planning” process
    • Charrette would be proposed for early Fall 03. Date around the Green and Gold weekend (Oct. 4 and 5) was strongly suggested.
    • Budget for the Charrette would be as follows:
      • Invited Professional would receive one transferable day pass.
      • Lunch would be provided. ($300 to $400)
      • Need support for meeting prep from either committee, coop employees or a paid 3rd party. It is anticipated that this will require 3 or 4 man days to full prepare for a quality meeting.
      • Committee suggested that Jito would act as the Facilitator.
    • Invite Professional Architects, Planners and Landscape Architects
      • Value of participation $1,000/day
      • Hope for 6 to 8
      • Try to provide student drafting support
    • Preliminary Agenda Concept
      • Provide a sufficient overview package (Mission, Strategy, Goals etc), historical graphics, maps, building drawings, old photos and other support material to provide a strong grounding for the activity.
      • Summarize Scope of Planning, major identified problems and current short term (2 to 3 years) vision for needs and planned activities.
      • Provide drawing/drafting materials for all participants to stimulate creativity.
      • Focus on stimulating discussion as well as drawings/sketches/etc.
      • Detailed agenda to be developed with Professional Attendees.
    • Preliminary List of Potential Professional Participants.
      • Requirements: Some of the following, local connection or history, Mad River skier, Professional Capacity, willingness to participate.
      • Kent Siefert
      • Ben Stein – Burlington
      • Henri DeMarne
      • Bob Burley
      • Christian Jacquith
      • Pat Parston (?) Yestermorrow
      • Jeff Schoellkoff
      • Dave Sellers
      • Carl Goedecke
      • Ellen Strauss
      • Jim Edgecomb
      • Jim Groom
      • John Connell
      • Megan McKinnon
      • Kristin Siebert
      • Sandy Seymour
      • Tara Hamilton