Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes; December 3, 2018





Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes  

Mad River Glen Cooperative

Monday- December 03, 2018 @ 5:30 pm

Present: Matt Lillard (ML), Bob Cook (BC), Peter Hourihan (PH), Anika Holtan (AH), John Stetson (JS), Meg Hourihan (MH), Linc Prescott (LP), Meg Schultz (MS), Britton Rogers (BR), John Ayers (JH)

Also in attendance: Ben & Wendy Bridgewater (shareholder)


Call to Order

  • Update from Matt: Matt indicated that some birdcage electrical work continues before its anticipated re-opening. Also some ITM work continues. Lift 4, the birdland lift and the handle tow are expected to be inspected next week. The snowmaking system is operational with 7 guns going. He noted that some open water on the mountain would indicate a need for culvert and water management next year.
  • Udate from Meg: She noted that the BOT was pleased with the activities and progress of the facilities committee. The BOT authorized the release of an RFP for design services on the patrol building. In discussions the BOT also discussed combining the patrol building and basebox RFP’s.
  • Udate from John S.: John updated the committee that LP, PH and JS had numerous discussions. He briefed the committee on the benefits of combining the two projects both from efficiency and ability to make best decisions between buildings, priorities and limited funds simultaneously. He also noted the need for good estimates and recommended that the committee consider and support the retention of a construction manager (CM) for preconstruction activities with the design phases and then the construction phase services with a guaranteed maximum price (GMP).
  • John S. introduced two draft proposals for combined projects to be presented to the BOT for authorization.                                                                                Architectural and Engineering Services for combined Patrol Building and Basebox.
  1. Construction Management Services for combined Patrol Building and Basebox.

Minor modifications of the documents were discussed.

Action Items

  • The committee unanimously approved the revised proposals. The revised proposals will be updated and sent to the BOT for authorization.

Discussions/ New Business

  • Britton reviewed the two draft RFP’s that were previously sent and requested that any additional comments be forwarded. He noted that these RFP’s are for committee information and will be issued by Matt after BOT authorization. During the discussion a number of additional topics were discussed including confidentiality, conflict of interest, schedule and BOT calendar.
    • Meg H, Meg S and Matt suggested that the BOT may be able to review the RFP’s and authorize approval by a phone meeting to expedite the process.
    • It was noted that the RFP’s did not have a due date which resulted in a continued discussion of RFP release date, RFP submittal date, committee review of proposals and target date to make recommendation to the BOT to enter into contracts. The appropriate dates need confirmation. The idea was to release the RFP’s to the BOT as soon as possible and release to a short list on/by December 11, 2018. A possible due date could be January 11, 2019. A walk around will probably be needed at some point. The BOT meeting is scheduled for 1-19-2019. All dates need to be confirmed.
    • LP noted that final programming by management needs to be completed so that the design teams have some direction. LP also noted that the original BAMP and programming is not that different from what is now being proposed. The original programming was based on sound structural investigation and review, manager and management request and based on a survey sent to the MRG community. PH has requested that we all have an open mind.
    • Discussed putting milestone dates from hand drawn schedules into gantt charts previously done by JS.
    • A question was raised regarding potential architects and CM’s. JA, LP noted that a number of firms were previously interviewed. The committee generally indicated that those with more knowledge and contact in the industry should prepare a short list. A special meeting may be needed prior to release of the RFP’s

Next Meeting:

January 12, 2019 @ 5:00pm