Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes; March 13, 2023






Facilities Committee

Mad River Glen Cooperative

Monday, March 13, 2023

Attendance:  Britton Rogers, Carol Pierce, Peter Hourihan, Linc Prescott, Mariah Moulton Riggs, Matt Lillard


The meeting was brought to order at 2:05 PM by Britton Rogers, Facilities Committee Chair.


Approved Feb 13, 2023 minutes

  • Suggested corrections to the minutes: None noted
  • Motion to approve by Carol Pierce, seconded by Mariah Mouton Riggs. Minutes were approved.



  • Carol will provide a draft for review and comment by Britton and Mariah.


General Stark’s Pub

  • Peter and John confirmed the arrangement w/VIA. See Committee Files.
    • Determine Start dates: March? Matt to ask for game plan.
    • Draft Schedule for agreement: questions about goals – committee should be prepared to answer; extract them;
    • Fee Schedule will be based on calendar of contract – kickoff meeting toward work through summer
    • Future phases: lump sum bid or construction manager
  • Preparing for the kick off meeting: History by Peter: National Register of Historic Places Application – will be part of what VIA looks at w/the State. Expect pushback from Historical. Can’t use federal funding if altering original.
    • Review of scope of work presented over the years. Maclay design is not possible due to scale of work.
    • Peter presented other design possibilities in order to understand the design possibility.
    • Chance favors the prepared mind.
  • Presentation on the 1st:
    • Wrap up Base Area Project: Ahead of Schedule, Under Budget, Energy Savings
      • Matt Will Build these slides
    • Pub Project:
      • 1947 to now – track the
      • Describe the RFP – Historic Preservation
      • Stop the flooding, improve acoustics, structural integrity, foundation, safety, remediation, windows: light, views, and ventilation; insulated, conditioned, ventilated.
      • Staff Input
      • Conceptual design with an Estimate, we will ask for feedback at Green & Gold
    • We are going to rebuild, because it needs a foundation: it will have high performance: windows, energy, lighting, acoustics, wiring,
    • Haz Mat – tile, carpet, insulation, sprinklers


Site note: December: 75th Anniversary – Gala Jan ‘24


Sunnyside Mid-Station

  • No Discussion


Capital Improvement Plan

  • Matt distributed the draft plan breakdown 2020-2027 – Not typically under committee purview
    • IT
    • Cricket Club Roof
    • Lift 1 Summit and Midstation Projects Historic Preservation – Megan VT. Preservation Trust
    • Finish the structural upgrades to the BaseBox roof due to the new roof insulation.
    • Projects


3:25 PM  –  Meeting adjourned by consensus.


Next Facilities Committee Meeting – April 13, at 2:00 PM.


Submitted by:  Britton Rogers