Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes; November 14, 2022






Facilities Committee

Mad River Glen Cooperative

Wednesday, November 14, 2022

Attendance:  Bob Cook, Britton Rogers, Carol Pierce, John Stetson, Linc Prescott, Matt Lillard, Peter Hourihan


The meeting was brought to order at 2:10 PM by Britton Rogers, Facilities Committee Chair.


Approval of prior minutes

  • This is the first meeting of the newly reconstituted MRG Facilities Committee. There are no prior minutes to review.



  • A draft of the charter was discussed. Britton and Carol will propose updates and distribute for comments by the committee.
  • The consensus is that the six members of the committee in attendance is adequate to accomplish the envisioned work of the committee. Matt is not a voting member.  A quorum is 4.
  • Carol is the liaison to the Board of Trustees.
  • The committee will meet on the Monday before the third Saturday of each month to coincide with the meetings of the Board of Trustees. Meetings will be scheduled to begin at 2:00 PM and wrap up by 4:00 PM.  Meetings will only be held if there is business requiring a meeting.  Additional meetings will be scheduled as needed.
  • John Stetson will serve as the secretary and post minutes to Google Drive.
  • Carol will prepare a monthly report to the Board of Trustees, that may include the minutes.


BaseBox and Patrol/Ski School Project

  • Britton recognized Peter, Linc and John for their efforts throughout the design and construction phases of the project.
  • It is the consensus of the committee that a meeting with the architect to look at the project in hindsight would be productive. The goal of the meeting would be to identify items that were missed and what would be done differently in future projects.  This two-way discussion would also look at ways that the MRG Facilities’ team could do better..
  • Matt will coordinate with Megan Nedzynski of Vermont Integrated Architecture on a date and time to meet. Tentatively, the committee is prepared to meet immediately prior to the regularly scheduled meeting next month.  The target time and date is 1:00 PM on December 12.
  • Matt will prepare and distribute a draft list of items that were missed. Linc and Peter will prepare and distribute thoughts on process improvements.
  • VIA will be encouraged to solicit input from other members of their design team. Matt will do the same with other members of the MRG staff.
  • Energy Performance is an important aspect of the “look-back”. Efficiency Vermont will continue to gather data this season on the BaseBox and prepare a summary in the Spring.  They will also complete their determination of applicable rebates at that time.  Matt will prepare a summary of the energy used in Patrol/Ski School.
  • A summary of the project will be presented to the shareholders at the Annual Meeting in April. The MRG Communications Committee will be consulted on the final content, format, etc.


Sunnyside Mid-Station

  • This project is not within the purview of the committee. Matt will keep the committee abreast of the status of this project for coordination purposes with other projects.
  • Matt will request authorization to proceed with the planning phase of the project at the November Board Meeting. Final approval to proceed will be voted on by the shareholders at the Annual Meeting in April.
  • The cost of the project is estimated to cost not more than $750,000. It was noted that a significant portion of that cost would be required for regular maintenance and planned upgrades to the existing lift regardless of the new mid-station.
  • The schedule for construction is likely in the summer of 2024 and is contingent on financing.


General Stark’s Pub

  • Motion: To request approval from the Board of Trustees to solicit a proposal for design and estimating services from Vermont Integrated Architecture for the renovation and reconstruction of the Pub, and to spend not more than $50,000 on conceptual design and an estimate.  Motion by Peter, second by Linc, motion approved.
  • Matt advised that Stark Mountain Foundation (SMF) has reviewed the project scope and determined that it is substantially within their mission to provide some funding.
  • A draft Request for Proposal (RFP) was reviewed and comments were to be incorporated.
  • The RFP will be issued once authorization is received from the Board of Trustees. Assuming a positive outcome on November 19th, the RFP will be issued the following week with a response requested by December 19th.
  • The goal is to complete the conceptual design and cost estimate prior to the Annual Meeting in April and provide an update to the shareholders at that time.
  • Contingent of funding, construction may proceed in Summer 2024, but more likely in 2025.


Other Projects

  • The committee reviewed the status of other projects that may or may not come under the purview of the committee. In general, those that fall into the $50,000 “annual summer spend” are generally not addressed by the committee.  The committee is always willing to provide any advice or guidance requested by Management.
  • Projects include:
    • Cricket Club roof replacement
    • Bridge Building roof replacement
    • Parking upgrades
    • Birdcage upgrades, including a potable water system
    • Options to harvest solar power


Other Discussion

  • Matt will set up folders and file structure on Google drive, and provide access to the committee members.


4:15 PM  –  Meeting adjourned.


Next Facilities Committee Meeting – December 12, at 2:00 PM, with a meeting to look-back at the BaseBox and Patrol/Ski School project at 1:00 PM.


Submitted by:  John Stetson