Finance Committee Meeting Minutes; June 5, 2014





Mad River Glen Cooperative

Finance Committee Conference Call

June 5, 2014


Telephone Conference began at 8:01 am

Attending: Deb Steines, Pete Ludlow, Jamey Wimble, Roy Liu, John Stetson, Annika Holtan, Jim Elkind, Andrew Snow, Eric Friedman, Bruce Button.

Schedule and Agenda Review:

  1. Review of proposed ticket pricing and budget for FY 2015 (calendar 2014/2015):

Proposal for new “Legends” pass for ages 70-80, $150. Budget assumes 10% attrition rate. Current pricing is “free for 70 or older shareholder during mid-week”. Amended post-call by E. Friedman:


“The current policy is;


** Seniors 70 and older ski free midweek for 5 days per season. Seniors 70 and over must pay the Senior rate during all weekend and holiday periods. â?¨70 Plus Seniors can purchase a $159 Legend Pass for unrestricted skiing everyday throughout the season. 70 Plus Seniors who purchase Co-op Shares can ski FREE always. 


See ticket pricing all at:

See pass pricing all at:

  • Proposed over-all small ticket price increases, including Mad Cards. No changes in season pass prices.
  • Largest variances for expenses are Workman’s Comp Insurance ($50k increase over last year) and forecasted fund-raising campaign expenses of $30k.
  • There was a discussion regarding day ticket pricing and the current pricing matrix model using a smaller number of years. Deb Steines opined that it should be run with 10 years.


Motion to recommend budget and ticket pricing proposal to be approved by Board of Trustees. Passed unanimously.



Call concluded at 8:41am.


Respectfully submitted,



Roy Liu