Informational Town Meeting October 4, 2014





Green and Gold – Town Hall Meeting   

October 4th  2014 


On a dreary and rainy evening the Trustees,  Jamey Wimble and approximately 50 shareholders gathered in the 3rd floor of the basebox for the annual Green and Gold town hall meeting.  Chair Elkind welcomed the assembled and asked for shareholder comments, of which there were none.  President Wimble gave a Mountain update which included work to improve snow preservation in an effort to make it more skier friendly. He also mentioned the new senior pass and that while the overall majority response has been positive there are a few unhappy shareholders.  He then gave a detailed presentation on the Snowmaking Evaluation that was recently completed.  Three scenarios were examined: 1- Replace/upgrade existing system and coverage.  2- Expand existing coverage to 2,300’.  3- Expand snowmaking to the top of the Double; total of 47 acres.  The board had voted at the September meeting to follow option #1. 


“On consideration of the current analysis of costs, availability of water and land, to proceed with Option One at this time, which replaces the existing system in a manner consistent with the possibility of future expansion, should that expansion be determined to be desirable and feasible in the future.”  

Motion Approved by MRG Board Saturday 13, September 2014  – The complete snowmaking is posted on the website.   


President Wimble then answered a few questions from shareholders.

  • Does the study confirm prior studies?  A. yes
  • Have you investigated how more efficient snow guns? A. Fan guns are currently the most efficient.
  • Have you considered a reservoir at another location? A. Yes, but the mountain is just one big rock.
  • Have we talked with Sugarbush about a shared pass?  A. Yes, there have been talks.



Chair Elkind expressed his thanks to Jamey for all the work involved in the project.  He then introduced the two newest board members, John Tobin and Russ Bowen.   He also disclosed the Trustee Roy Liu had resigned his position. While introducing Trustee Annika Holtan, chair of the fundraising committee, he thanked her and all the members for their work on the project. 


Trustee Holtan gave a comprehensive, and sometimes emotional, presentation on the Capital Campaign  “Preserving Our Paradise”.  This was followed by a spirited discussion amongst the assembled and led to a few questions and comments.


  • Will there be an endowment as part of the campaign?  A. Yes
  • When will shareholders hear more about it?  A. It’s in the quiet phase now, official public launch in December 2015
  • Can we raise a billion dollars by next Thursday?  A. Yes, if you know the right people
  • Will there be a pledge period of 5 years?  A. Yes.


Comment on the importance of partnering with Stark Mountain Foundation and tax deductible contributions was made.|

  • Will contributions be 100% tax deductible? A. Yes.
  • Are we ready to start accepting donations? A. Almost.



At the conclusion of the discussion Chair Elkind thanked all for attending and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon Anderson – Secretary