Shareholder Relations Committee: April 7, 2004





Mad River GlenCooperative

Shareholder Relations Committee

April 7, 2004 Meeting Minutes


Shareholder Relations Committee convened at 6:15 PM on 4/7/04
Those present were Rick Moulton (chair), Irma Heeter, Bill Heinzerling, Wendy Bridgewater, Lee Treffinger , and Lu Putnam.  John Schultz and Megan Schultz arrived at 6:45 after skiing top to bottom at the mountain.

Immediately there was discussion over this years closing policy, primarily dissatisfaction since the mountain still has a fair amount of cover.  We had copies of the revised April 2003 closing guidelines and the general feeling was that the closing did not really meet these guidelines.  Hopefully we can have a more Defined Policy for Management and Board with VALUES  and Visions from our owners so that we are not always REACTIVE to the closing  of our Mountain.

Following that was a discussion over the GM’s presentation  (at the Annual Meeting  on Sat. Apr. 3) of a variety of possible lift changes regarding the Single Chair and related to the time when we will need to do some repair or changes to OUR SINGLE.  Wendy states “bringing up this presentation should have first been brought before the Board as it is a major part  our Vision and Value Statements  within the Strategic Plan.”  Lu agreed with  Wendy’s statement.   Someone asked why there was not more discussion at the Annual Meeting on this  presentation.  There was some discussion on both both sides of the issue at the meeting but  the general feeling  of the SRC.was that most owners may have been shocked by the presentation.

There was some general discussion about the restoration of the SINGLE  and the need for empowerment of owners via perhaps Surveys or some more immediate way for feedback.   John Schultz feels  that owners participation is critical to updating  our Values and Visions–that these must be a living document.  Once we maintain this updating the board and management will then have guidelines.  However, on any of these major changes the owners would have the vote or say as to what could or could not be done.  As per by-laws Article 2 , Section 2.5, major changes to the lifts or lift would “first have to be approved by a two-thirds vote of owners, provided that owners participating in such vote constitute a majority of all owners entitled to vote.”  There was a brief discussion of the Double to Triple Issue and here again the Board needs a clear statement of Value and Vision from the owners.

The Strategic Plan must be a LIVING DOCUMENT.

There were various suggestion on how to get our owners to participate. We would like to ask our owners if they would like to be listed on a Value and Vision Survey ONLY Listing or Critical Coop Issues—a special coop listing–ONLY.  Please let us know.   Surveys seem to be a way but surveys that are not too difficult to tally.  One suggestion was to try 2 surveys a year regarding Vision and Values.  Another suggestion recommends one Survey Question in each “Echo “with a rip out mail in form.  Megan Schultz suggested a check off/rip out card in the “Echo” and on the “List Serve” with various topics such as values and visions, single, closing policy, ski school, double to triple , etc —checked off  by numbers 1 to 10 as to their importance.  Wendy brought up the idea of a monthly postcard (one question survey) but that was determined difficult and costly.

Irma brought up the subject of Conference Calling for the SRC.  We now have a phone and set up for this.  Those that are interested (if you are away or out of state) can contact Rick Moulton for information.

The next meeting date is Wed., May 5 at 6 pm.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm

Submitted,  Lu Putnam