Shareholder Relations Committee: December 2, 2003










Commenced officially at 6:15 pm. Attending were:


Substitute Chairman, Alan Moats, Lu Putnam, Bill Heinzerlng, Irma Heeter, Wendy Bridgewater, Rocky Bleier, and representing staff Andrew Snow.


Approved last month’s minutes as written. No changes made to the agenda.



Member comments:

Irma—I thought that the area guide and the last few Echo’s were the best put out so far. The entire committee agreed on that. The guide was mailed to Shareholder’s this time and sort of filled the gap between issues of the Echo.


Wendy—We still need a Co-Op News or Echo issue for around the first of December as the Echo comes out in September and not again until February. Other committee members agreed on this need to fill the communication gap.


Alan, Board President–The understanding by the Board is that the Co-Op News is needed for compelling, timely, and hot issues that arise from time to time. Information that needs to get to shareholders fast to foster a quick response which enables the Board to be guided by their input to make good decisions on how to proceed or not proceed on that particular issue. Whereas, the Echo, Area Guide, and post cards are totally different marketing publications. The challenge at hand for the Board is to find a harmonious way between staff, Board, SRCommittee to get more Co-Op communication out to shareholders and allow balance between cost and common space.


Andrew—A new coffee and hot chocolate cart will be installed next to the base of the single chair so you can drink while waiting in line on busy weekends and holidays.


Wendy—A share holder contacted her about having to pay a late fee on his APR. He was very unhappy. According to Andrew, the late fee is $25.00 for paying after the due date and not the figure this shareholder mentioned.


Rocky—He wanted to know how letters to the Board from shareholders were incorporated into the minutes of the meeting. Under what circumstances should letters not be open to shareholders at large.




After some discussion by the committee, our recommendation to the Board is: “To clarify how letters to the Board would be made public at Board Meetings and whether or not they would be included in the minutes”. Some of the nasty letters would embarrass the writer and they may not want them made public.


Rocky—Restated his view that the Co-Op News should foster a comfortable, confident, and more open communication between Board and Shareholders, especially on the pro’s and con’s of any issue.(Rocky you might want to insert the current hot issue here). Our SRC needs some accountability and feed back from the Board that our recommendations and suggestions are being reviewed and implemented


Bill—The SRC is the pulse of our shareholders.




(which has been worked on for over a year now by SRC) has been distributed to the Board for review, but has not been added as an agenda item yet. Alan thought it might go on the agenda at the Jan. 10th 04 meeting (regular Board meeting) as it would get no attention at the Dec. 27th Town Meeting.


Alan—The never ending challenge of the Board is to implement recommendations made by the various committees, SRC being very active, to run the Co-Op but yet walk the fine line between policy and community while not trying to micro manage.

There was some discussion on having an impromptu, ad hock, broad based Mad River Community committee (they would not all have to be shareholders) to plan and run social events. We have always had a lot of volunteerism here at the mountain to help out. In the past, the biggest cause of frustration has been scheduling events. Social events foster good spirits which in turn may sell a few shares.


Lu—I tried to do an impromptu New Year’s party last year and was shot down for it. I have no desire or enthusiasm to plan, organize, or run a social event this year.


Bill,Andrew—As we do not have time to get volunteers this year, Andrew will work out with Glen and Tamara to have hors d’oeuvres after the Town Board Meeting on Dec. 27th and have the bar open longer to encourage people to stay and mix. The committee also suggested that a lower special price be put on beer and wine for this Co-Op social event. Andrew stated that when he and the SRC have asked for voulunteers on the list serve for specific projects, we have had a good response and turn out.


Wendy—What is the status of compiling a list of the various talents, business enterprises, and expertise that our shareholders have. The committee agreed that this list would be a very valuable tool for staff, Board, and other shareholders. The staff does have some access to this information already.


Rocky—It was noted that the web site archives were not up to date and lacking documents for research.


Andrew—Now that the ski season has begun, each chairman and the Board needs to get their minutes to him as soon as possible for updating.


We confirmed our next meeting for Wed. Jan. 6th 04. (a new day). During the ski season, the committee suggested starting the meetings at 5:00 pm instead of 6:00 pm. This would all hinge on the chairman’s schedule. Andrew would post the new time if we implemented it.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Irma Heeter