Shareholder Relations Committee: January 7, 2003





MadRiver Glen Cooperative

shareholder relations committee

Minutes of Meeting

January 7, 2003


A meeting of the Shareholder Relations Committee of the board of trustees of the Mad River Glen Cooperative was convened at 5:54 P.M. on January 7, 2003 at the Basebox at Mad River Glen Ski Area in Fayston, Vermont. The meeting was attended by Rick Moulton (Chair) and committee members Rocky Bleier, Irma Heeter, Bill Heinzerling, Lu Putnam, and Leigh Michl. The Committee gave a warm welcome to first time attendee Jon Cohen of the Mad River Ski Patrol. Leigh Michl kept the minutes.


Call to Order

Mr. Moulton called the meeting to order at 5:54 p.m.


Approval of Prior Minutes

The minutes of the committee’s prior meeting had been circulated and approved previously through electronic mail.



A discussion ensued regarding the December 28, 2002 Town Meeting. There was a general concensus that the meeting went well, was well attended, and that Town Meetings were useful for shareholders. It was particularly noted that shareholder comments and questions were well thought out, particularly Dot Helling’s. Lu volunteered to prepare abridged minutes of the meeting for the board of trustees.


VOTED: It was unanimously voted to recommend that Town Meetings be formalized and the dates “institutionalized” for Saturday of Green and Gold Weekend, Christmas Week, and the Annual Meeting.



Mr. Moulton pointed out that the deadline for the February 1st Echo had slipped by the Committee and most shareholders. Although the deadline was well publicized previously, the Committee recommended that Mr. Moulton issue reminders about a week before future deadlines. He noted that Andrew Snow had already posted a reminder of the deadline for the March 1st issue, but would ensure that their was a further reminder for all those shareholders enjoying the excellent skiing. Mr. Michl agreed to volunteer to contact Eric Friedman to see if a correction regarding the National Register could still be placed in the 2/1 Echo.


VOTED: It was unanimously voted that Mr. Moulton, as Committee Chair, would send a reminder on the list serve of future Echo deadlines one week before the deadline.


The Committee discussed the need for an additional Co-op News.


VOTED: It was unanimously voted to recommend an additional issue of The Co-op News be prepared and mailed on February 25th, with a submission deadline of February 11th. It was further recommended that the Strategic Plan, Election Update, and SRC Committee report be included in the issue.


Mr. Michl noted that the 7 page limit worked well cost and layout wise and that longer issues might lose interest. Mr. Moulton noted that the length could also be extended to 7.5 pages and that additional “real estate” would be freed since an explanation of The Co-op news could be eliminated or shortened future issues.



Mr. Moulton reminded the Committee of its mission statement and the board’s strategic initiative regarding the preparation of a community building plan. The Committee reviewed an outline of a plan prepared by Rick as well as a review of various tasks of the Committee. The plan outline covered Communications, Social Functions, and Volunteer activities. The Committee responded very favorably and made a few additional suggestions. Jon suggested a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Co-op’s formation. This was well received and Rick noted that the bulk of the Committee’s work over the next year would be in identifying specifics for the plan. Rick also suggested that a “shareholder identification item” be given to all shareholders so that shareholders could identify and communicate with one another. A discussion ensued of pins versus stickers and cost and potential exclusivity. Rick thought a pin would be preferable and that the pin would not identify a shareholder as such, but would only be given to shareholders. Rocky and Rick volunteered to review costs of various alternatives.


VOTED: It was unanimously voted to recommend that a pin be developed and be given to all shareholders.




The next committee date was set for February 4, 2003 at 6:00PM in the basebox.



There being no further business to come before the board, the meeting adjourned at approximately 7:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Leigh Michl


A true record.


ATTEST: Leigh Michl, Secretary Pro tem