Shareholder Relations Committee: June 25, 2002






Shareholders Relations Committee Meeting – June 25, 2002

Minutes Submitted by Bill Heinzerling 7/12/02
Revised by Rick Moulton 7/30/02

Called to Order at 6:15

In Attendance:

Rick Moulton, Bill Heinzerling, Lu Putnam, Fritz Branshofsky, Vivan Branshofsky, Jim Vann, Wendy Bridgewater, Rich Aiken, Rocky Bleier, and Andrew Snow.

It was recognized that the minutes from the meeting of 5/14/02 had been approved and posted via e mail


1) Changes to the Agenda:

There were no Changes to the Agenda


2) Shareholder Comments

There were no other Shareholders present and there was no discussion that was not on the Agenda


3) Discussion of Mission of our committee

(10 min)

Committee members voiced frustration at feeling the committee continued to rehash many of the same issues and noted that the board should be more responsive to the recommendations of the SH Committee.


Proposed Mission Statement:

The Shareholder’s Relations Committee is the communications arm of the Mad River Glen Coop’s Board of Directors. They assist and advise the Board on all matters related to shareholders communications, which includes evaluating the existing avenues for communication among shareholders, the Board, and Management. The committee offers a channel for shareholders to reach each other and influence policy. Finally, the committee provides a forum for discussing issues facing shareholders, such as benefits, pricing of shares, rights and responsibilities.

The discussion of the Proposed Mission statement began with the clarification that Pricing dealt with the price of a share not ticket sales. Andrew suggested that the second sentence of the MS should read “It was the consensus that this should be adopted.


Bill suggested that the last sentence should read: The committee will provide a forum for discussing issues facing shareholders, such as benefits, pricing of shares, rights and responsibilities.” Fritz pointed out that the committee serves as a conduit for shareholders to the board. Based upon shareholders input we make recommendations to the Board, and feed back for management. But he concluded the Committee does not “make up” its own suggestions or recommendations for submission.


There was some discussion as to whether or not channel should be changed to conduit. The committee concluded that channel was O.K.


4) Survey Ideas for next Year

— discussion–

It was noted that short three or four question surveys could be helpful discussion was tabled.


5) What can we as a committee suggest or offer to provide written material for the Shareholder Newsletter, Echo etc.

Rick suggested that this committee, the Board and Management continue to try to get shareholders to submit copy for the echo. It was noted that although not much participation has been generated to date, the notice in each Echo requesting that articles and letters from Shareholders should continue. It was generally agreed that the Shareholder profiles are appreciated and should be continued. These Articles help shareholders get to know each other The group continued to recommend 6 issues of the Echo be published per year, in contrast to the 4 published last year. The committee recommends one in the Fall for Green and Gold, four through the winter including the one for Christmas week and one in late spring.


How can increase shareholders participation in writing for the Echo? What topics and issues would make good articles for the Echo? Are there ideas for columns, or sections that could be continued in each issue? Like: Letters to the editor


Committee Reports by the committee chairs could utilize a format that always lists all committees so those who fail to have any activity or report, will stand out for scrutiny.


Rick suggested that the Board members are planning to submit articles about their respective committees for publication in the Echo. I was noted that the SRC members need to provide the Echo with copy. Fritz agreed to write an article which will discuss the frequency of the Echo publications. Wendy agreed to write an article about the utilization of shareholder resources, both on a professional and volunteer and paid basis. Rick will discuss the idea of a wish list article that the various departments could contribute to making a list of needs that might found through the shareholders. Wendy will do a letter to the editor which will request and encourage Board members to provide copy to the echo, especially what they are doing on committees. Rick noted that a vibrant echo will help establish better communications between all involved with our co-op.


6) Review recommendations voted to go before the Board

Rocky suggested that all Committee members receive the Suggestion Box reports. Wendy pointed out this would help the Committee know how a kind of communication was working. It was noted that since Jamey has taken command of management communication with Management had greatly improved.


7) What can the Committee suggest for Green and Gold Weekend

—that will increase shareholders relations with each other, build community relationships , offer togetherness. Hold a dance ? (telefest band??) (10 Min)
Consensus was that their should be more parties and social opportunities for shareholders to get together. Fritz and Bill both declared that they have received input from shareholders requesting less loud music when affairs are held in the bar. Quieter music will make conversation easier.


8) Other New or Old Business including confirming next meeting date

The Committee decide to formalize what constituted being a voting member of the Communications Committee. While the meetings are open and all are welcome to attend, the committee voted unanimously to require attendance at three meetings in a years time to gain or retain voting status. After attending three meetings a shareholder may vote.

Rick will recommend to the Board:


  • The Committee wants to recommend a party be held at the Basebox over the Saturday afternoon of Green and Gold Weekend, from the end of town meeting till 6:00PM. It was felt that some quiet mood music would be appropriate, not a loud dance band. It was also noted that beer and wine, or at least one brand of each, should be made more affordable then the standard $3.00 or $4.00.
  • The committee wants to be sure that shareholders are made aware of meetings, the deadlines for the echo, and election requirements. To this end all available means should be applied, the list server, web site, bulletin Board, the echo and individual e mails. Committee Chairs must let management know as soon as possible the when and where for meetings, so they can get the word out.
  • The Committee suggests that management check with Dept. heads to determine and publish a wish list in the Echo. For example, if the Ski School needs a new racing start gate or electric-eye finish gate, posting this need in the Echo, will encourage a club like the Amateur to offer to provide the necessary contribution to buy it. Or if it was office equipment or software, someone with a large company might be in a position to provide it.
  • The committee discussed with Andrew, and would like to suggest that a summary of the topics, issues, that came up on the list server, be posted in the Echo.
  • The committee requests that each of its members receive the monthly printout of the suggestions that come in.
  • Shareholders suggest that a owners directory of owners, and their address be available through the office on an, at cost basis, the fee, equal to the cost of producing a yearly directory.



The meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

The next scheduled meeting is Sept. 10th Basebox at 6:00 PM


Bill Heinzerling