Shareholder Relations Committee: November 3, 2004





SRC Meeting Minutes
November 3rd 2004

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 PM. In attendance were Irma Heeter, Rocky Bleier, Wendy Bridgewater, Irma Heeter, Lou Putnam and Bill Heinzerling. Rick Moulton chaired the meeting.

After brief negotiations, Moulton begrudgingly agreed to be tasked with the keeping of the minutes.

Bill Heinzerling suggested discussing the status of a request to the board for MRG to begin the process of applying to be listed upon the National Historic Register. This request had been tabled by the Board when serious concerns were expressed. Moulton stated that this old business had been before the board and there was no clear consensus that the board was interested in supporting such a request.

The committee again discussed the posting of the meeting minutes on the owners web site. It was hoped that he minutes would be kept up in a timely manner on the Web site. Moulton noted that as long as the minutes ended up his responsibility he would try to get them out in a timely manner but his life was very on deadlines and it might take some time until the minutes could even be offered for revisions much less posting. No one else volunteered to take minutes.

The committee next discussed how to help the board, the owners, and management communicate. It was mentioned that Andrew Snow was missed, as he was effective helping to facilitate the flow of communication between these various elements and that his position with Shareholders has yet to be filled. A lengthy discussion ensued over the value of having a Management Liaison on the committee. It was agreed that Moulton will carry to the board and Management this suggestion that Andrew’s role of providing communication between shareholders and Management be filled.

Discussions continued:

How do we best help owners, the board and management communicate pro-actively?

Shareholders should only go before the board, they should not go directly to management

The SRC offers good Shareholder to shareholder communications and it has helped field and oversee many volunteer efforts to help various Coop gatherings and endeavors.

Jay Appleton’s trail crews are an effective use of volunteer spirit coordinated with management.

This work is a kind of Task Group

The Current task group working on a Shareholder directory needs a understood set of procedures to make interaction with management and the greater Co-op happen effectively.

Lastly, the committee discussed the date for the next meeting.

It was decided to skip the Dec. meeting since the Town Meeting would offer direct Shareholders and Board interaction.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.