Shareholder Relations Committee: November 4, 2003








November 4, 2003


Meeting started at 6:15 PM
Attendees: Rick Moulton,Andrew Snow, Irma Heeter, Rocky Bleier, Wendy Bridgewater, Bill Heinzerling and Jane Bancroft

1) No changes to agenda

2) Bill Heinzerling appointed as GKM (Grand Keeper of the Minutes)

3) Shareholder comments–none

4) Shareholder Community Plan:
   a.) Last paragraph, 1st sentence, change “then” to “than” (Heeter)
   b.) Put Shareholder Community Plan into Co-op News (Moulton)
   c.) In the Co-op News list various committees, who the chair of each, so that shareholders know what there is and can offer to join/volunteer their services (Bridgewater/Heeter)
   d.) Meeting agendas and minutes go on web site and list serve (Moulton)
   e.) Part 1, b-Board evaluation addition of “by shareholders” (Bleier/Moulton, etc.)
   f.) Part 1,c –much is repetitive and redundant (Bancroft)
       should be simplified (Heeter)
       this section inferfaces/inter-relates and is fine (Moulton)

6:45 –3 Norwich architects arrived to attend charette meeting which apparently was scheduled for 7Pm in the 3rd floor of the Basebox.—No sign of Chairman Coleman, 4th Norwich architect arrived at 7pm—all left at 7:15.

5.) New Year’s Eve Party:
   a.) do cheaply, pot luck, cheap band, etc.
   b.) do 1st class, bigger upfront reservation cost, good band, etc. (a & b presented by Moulton)
   c.) Ms. Bancroft suggested that, if the party was open to the public (in addition to shareholders), potluck, etc., is not as feasible. There was much discussion about the interest and attendance levels. Many ideas expressed. Moving the party to the night of the Town Meeting (Dec. 27th), was discussed as an alternative to gain more attendance.
   d.) Mr. Moulton offered to poll the shareholders via the list serve to see what kind of interest was there.
   e.) Ms. Bridgewater made the suggestion that there should be a “social events committee”that was separate, but under the SRC. They would organize all Co-op parties etc.,  all present thought this was a good idea. Moulton suggested perhaps a friends of Mad River Social Committee that would draw from coop and non coop members of Mad River Community for broadest interaction for social events.

6.) Echo schedule
a.) recent Echo and Area Guide are very good (unanimous)
   b.) it was strongly suggested that the present schedule be changed so that an Echo comes out for a Nov/early Dec. issue, felt to be the most important Echo of the year, to stimulate interest and investment in MRG, when excitement to ski is there. (Heinzerling)
   (currently an Echo comes out in Sept. and not another one until Feb.)
   Mr. Moulton thought this suggestion would be micromanaging–and was not a Board issue.

7.)SRC Meeting time:
a.) Mr. Snow asked if we might change our meeting time so it would not fall on his day off. It was agreed that the Dec. meeting would be still the first Tues. but that as of Jan. ’04 we will meet the Wed. of the month, and will remain that way at least through 2004.

8,) Mr. Snow asked if the committee members thought an on line photo album would appeal to shareholders. All present thought this was a great idea.