Shareholder Relations Committee: October 7, 2004





SRC Meeting Minutes ­ October 7th 2004


The meeting was called to order at 6:15 PM. In attendance were Rocky Bleier, Wendy Bridgewater, Irma Heeter, and Bill Heinzerling. At the behest of the committee¹s chair who had a conflicting commitment, Mr. Bleier chaired the meeting.


After brief negotiations, Mr. Bleier begrudgingly agreed to be tasked with the keeping of the minutes. Due to the absence of an agenda, the committee decided to “wing it”.



Bill Heinzerling reported that he had sold 16 additional shareholder ID pins during the Green & Gold weekend. The committee commended William on his continued effort and success.



The committee discussed the posting of the meeting minutes on the owners’ web site. The minutes are posted through April, but that the May and June minutes are missing. It was noted that Mr. Snow had the responsibility of posting in the past and that his replacement was not well known to the committee members present. All agreed that Andrew Snow had done a terrific job and that he will be missed. It was also agreed that the new employee, Neal Berwick was well qualified and the committee is optimistic that he will be able to carry on the tradition of excellence that Mr. Snow established.



A brief discussion centered on the purpose of the committee. Ms. Heeter pointed out that the committee has in the past had to re-name, re-define and re-evaluate itself at the behest of the Board of trustees. The question was raised as to why we are the only committee that seems to have to go through this exercise.



The committee next discussed the new email link provided to owners for them to access the Board of Trustees. It was the unanimous opinion of the committee that e-mails to the Board of trustees should only go to the 9 elected Board members. Owners should copy management and others separately.

This would comply with current coop policy.



Communication between owners remains challenging. All present agreed that the committee hasn¹t been fully utilized for this purpose. It was noted that the most recent issue of the Echo didn¹t mention the Shareholder business/volunteer directory, which has been slow in coming together. It was also noted that despite its importance, the upcoming November 13th strategic planning session was also not mentioned. All present agreed that the Echo continues to improve upon its already excellent quality and that the postings are mainly a communication( or lack thereof) issue.



Communication remains mostly re-active, not pro-active. The committee endorses the concept of pro-active dissemination of Board agenda items and discussion that has been done in the example of the Single Chair planning.



Lastly, the committee discussed the date and possible agenda items for the next meeting. It was noted that the Nov. 3rd meeting was not listed in the Echo. All present agreed that there should be a regular monthly meeting as there are some time sensitive items that need to be resolved. The following will be on the agenda of the next meeting.


– Will there be a Christmas/ New Years party this year?

– Do we need an issue of the ” COOP NEWS” if there is no Echo scheduled till next year?

– How do we best help owners, the board and management communicate pro-actively as we go forward?

– Communication channels need to be reviewed.

– The Single chair discussion and Mr. Appleton¹s volunteer days are good examples of pro-active communication.

– Ms. Bridgewater will contact Neal or Erik and post on the list serve regarding the Shareholder directory.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.