Shareholder Relations Committee: September 10, 2002






SEPT. 10, 2002



The meeting was called at 6:06 pm on the basebox deck. The temperature was in the high 80’s. Those attending were Jane and Monk Bancroft Fritz and Vivian Branchofsky, Wendy Bridgewater, Deri Meier, Bill Heinzerling, Rick Moulton, Rocky Bleier, Lu Putnam, Jamey Wimble and Andrew Snow.


Rick Moulton again noted that any shareholder in good standing may become a voting member of the Shareholder Relations Committee after attending 3 meetings within each year. All shareholders are always invited to attend meetings.


The focus tonight was on the Mission Statement of the Shareholder Relations Committee to be then presented for review to the MRG Coop Board on 9/14/02. There was discussion of various wording in the mission statement with Jamey giving lots of input.


The finalized Mission Statement from our committee and with Jamey’s input for submission to the Board reads:


The Shareholder’s Relations Committee is the communications’ arm of the Mad River Glen Coop’s Board of Directors. The committee assists and advises the Board on all matters related to shareholders communications, which includes evaluating the existing avenues for communications among shareholders, the Board, and Management. The committee serves as a forum helping shareholders to reach each other and make recommendations to the board and management regarding coop policy.


A vote was taken with unanimous support for the above Mission Statement


Next on the agenda was discussion of the “Echo”. Everyone seems very happy with the most recent issue of the “Echo’ which came out on 9/6. The committee was pleased with all the material sent in.


Discussion revolved mostly around more frequent editions of the “Echo “. It was generally felt that there should be an “extra” December issue. Presently it is set for the next issue to be in February with the need to have material in for the edition by Jan. 1. The committee feels that we should have a Dec. issue with material received by Thanksgiving. The reason behind this is that people are more enthusied about reading about skiing early in the season. And most important is the need to send out the New Board Member Election calendar and procedures for 2003.


Jamey is opposed to any additional issues though two years ago the Board did give approval for 6 issues per year. Jamey is opposed to spending money on an extra issue.


The committee voted 10 to 1 in favor of the Dec. issue as long as there is adequate material for this issue. Deri voted against an extra issue but was willing to have a Dec. issue and do away with a later issue. The desire and need for this issue will be presented to the Board on 9/14.

Green and Gold weekend. The committee was generally in favor of the program for the weekend. The first evening of “The Remembrances” was well received and the committee thought this could be another good evening of togetherness. It was later suggested that some of these “Remembrances” could be incorporated in issues of the Echo.


It was also noted that the Coop should get “prime time” on G & G Weekend. Presently the Homeowners have this time, 3-5 pm. The Board Town Meeting is from 1-3pm—-this is a time when shareowners might like to ride up/down or walk down the mountain. So next year we are requesting the 3-5 pm for our Town Meeting. Rocky request the minutes reflect the nature of his remarks concerning the homeowners. “It is my concern that coop events are being displaced and/or disrupted by the homeowner meetings. I do not wish to offend this important group but coop events must take precedence. We need to do a better job of scheduling.”


The next meeting dates is set for Tues., Oct. 1 at 6pm basebox


The meeting was adjourned at 7:05pm. A Record!!! submitted, Lu Putnam