Sunday March 26, 2023 9:28 AM
Hours of Operation
Lifts Open Today At: 9:00
Lifts Close Today At: 4:00
Lifts & Trails
Trails Open Today: 60
Lifts Open Today: 5
Current Temperature
Base: 30℉ Summit: 23℉
New Snow: 2" - 3"
Snowfall to Date this Season: 132" - 161"
Surface Conditions
Primary: Variable Conditions
Secondary: Spring Conditions
From the start, the snow conditions yesterday had already improved from the day before. All the groomers were perfectly edgeable, and as for anything ungroomed, we at least knew what to expect. There was definitely still some firm stuff out there but not mountain-wide! We found some lovely soft turns in Birdland. Snail was a highlight. Whipping winds didn’t stop lifts. Around 2 pm we got the beginnings of a nice little snow event. By the close of lifts there was a nice little dusting and we ended off with around 3 inches, with more flurries coming down today. Groomers should be in excellent shape thanks to this top off.  We celebrated the final day of ski school for the year. It’s hard to decide if the winter went by quickly or at a sloth’s pace. From the looks of the temperatures, we’re not going to be shredding corn for a little while. Where are you, spring? Hopefully she comes around just in time for the pond skim we’re hoping to host in the middle of April.   We might see some more light snow today with accumulations of up to ½ an inch, and a high of 36 at the base and 25 at the summit. It also looks like another windy one. Expect wind speeds between 25 and 35 mph. Hopefully this won’t alter any lift statuses but we’ll go with the flow!  Day of registration for the Friendly Freeski Competition today is still an option at an additional cost (and cash only). It should be a super fun event. Spectators can watch from the bottom of Slalom Hill, the event is set to start at 11:00 AM.  Day Tickets are available to purchase online, as always your best deals can be found when buying tickets online in advance. Tickets are limited and may sell out at any time. Discounted Shareholder pricing is valid for Co-op shareholders in good standing. Shareholders may purchase up to 2 discounted tickets per day. SH tickets are still available at the ticket window even when we are sold out online. The shareholder must be the purchaser. Discounted tickets purchased by a non-shareholder will be voided without a refund. Skinners, please review our Uphill Policy page before coming to the mountain. Uphill travel is now open 24/7 unless otherwise stated. Skinners during lift hours must have a pass, day ticket, or be a shareholder and FOLLOW THE DESIGNATED ROUTE.  Due to recent incidents involving skinners coming into close proximity and/or failing to yield to mountain operations we respectfully would like to remind everyone that operations are ongoing 24-7 during the winter months. Please use extreme caution and avoid machinery at all costs. If you are skinning/skiing on fresh corduroy there’s a good chance snowcats are still on the hill. It is incumbent upon YOU to yield to and stay clear of mountain operations. Failure to do so could result in the loss of privileges, injury or death.If you are accessing the mountain outside of operational hours please observe all parking signage and use the upper tier in the main parking lot as indicated on the Uphill Policy page. Remember  Hours of Operation

If you’re not in the area you can keep an eye on all of the action by clicking on our webcam and weather pages.

Trails Open Today
Upper Single Chair  
Antelope X X
Upper Antelope X X
Lower Antelope X
Catamount Bowl X
Catamount X X
Chute X
Donkey X
Fall Line X
Paradise X
Creamery X
Marten X
Lynx X
Lower Single Chair  
Beaver X
Lift Line X
Upper Glade X
Broadway X X
Lower Mountain  
Canyon X
Grand Canyon X
Bunny X X
Lower Glade X
Porcupine X X
Chipmunk X X
Snail X
Waterfall X X
Easy Way X X
Lower Panther X X
Lower Lift Line X
Lower Beaver X
Lower Gazelle X
Chipmunk Bowl X X
S-Turn X X
Rockefellers X X
Moody's X X
Upper Waterfall X X
Periwinkle Bowl X
Ferret X
One Way X
Periwinkle X X
Upper Double Chair  
Fox X X
Vixen X X
Quacky X
Quacky 2 X
Quacky 3 X X
Gazelle X
Gazelle Glades X
Panther X
Slalom Hill X
Partridge X
Birdland Chair  
Lark X X
Loon X X
Robin X X
Wren X X
Duck X X
Practice Slope Chair  
Race Hill X X
Upper Cricket X X
Lower Cricket X X
Eaton's Run X X
Grasshopper X X
Half Moon X
Callie's Corner  
Callie's Corner X X
Single Chair X  
Sunnyside Double Chair X  
Birdland Double Chair X  
Practice Slope Chair X  
Callie's Corner Handle Tow X