Owen Palcsik

Candidate Bio:

Growing up in Middlebury Vermont, Owen started making the trip over the gap with his Dad and brother when he was 8 years old. He made his way through the ski school and freeski team, and eventually returned to coach in both departments. Owen is currently studying Geography at the University of Vermont.

Please give us a short statement as to why you are running for the Co-Op Board:

I have been skiing at this mountain my whole life and I would really like to have some input into the way it is run. I think my experience coming through and coaching ski school in the last 15 years would be a valuable point of view for the board. I also think it would be a really fun experience and I would look forward to meeting the people that care about the mountain as much as I do.

Why are you passionate about Mad River Glen and the Co-Op?

I grew up skiing here. It’s been my home for four months every year and it’s a place I am always so excited to show new people. I think it is the heart of east coast skiing. The local and anti-resort vibes that the mountain gives off attract the most incredible people. There are also going to increasing challenges as the world keeps changing so I am interested in making sure the mountain continues to be the lovely place that I have known it to be.

What skills and experiences do you bring from your non-skiing life that would be an asset to the board?

I am a college student at UVM, but being a 20-year-old, I don’t have a ton of other experience that I can bring to the table. However, I do have a young person’s experience in this world which could be something that a lot of other candidates would not necessarily bring.

What identities and/or life experiences do you have that you think will bring greater diversity and unique perspectives to the Board?

I went through the Mad River ski school, I am a freeski coach, and I have a young person’s perspective.