Public and Group Racing

Mad River Glen hosts several public and group races each year. Our primary race trail is located off of Lift 4 on the “Practice Slope”. With it’s easy access and prime time exposure to the Base Area, there isn’t a more spectator friendly venue. Our public event are open to anyone who wants to participate and challenge themselves or race against their nemesis. We have age appropriate ski racing gates, custom bibs and take care of the timing to provide you with a fun turn-key event. Let us know if we host an event for you! Contact us at: or 802-496-3551 x126


Public Racing Events:

The Family Tournament

Martin Luther King Day each January

The Family Tournament originated as the Father-Son race and dates back to 1942 when it was originally held on the flanks of Mount Mansfield (Stowe). In it’s modern form, it is a race open to anyone who wants to participate. Racers complete a family-friendly GS course where a racer’s best time from two runs (attempts) is counted. The time is then added together with other family members (by blood relationship) in the following categories and prizes awarded. In some cases, there are coveted trophies that live permanently at MRG for all to admire.


  • Father-Son
  • Mother-Daugher
  • Mother-Son
  • Father-Daughter
  • Mother-Father
  • Grandmother-Granddaughter
  • Grandfather-Grandson
  • Grandfather-Granddaughter
  • Grandmother-Grandson
  • Brother-Sister
  • Brother-Brother
  • Sister-Sister
  • And Grand Family

Rockefeller Challenge

Saturday afternoon during February Vacation

An annual test of fearlessness and speed, the Rockefeller Challenge is a downhill to uphill ski race. Like the sport of ski jumping where the skier who goes the farthest wins. Starting on the Practice Slope, Competitors try to carry their speed down a designated race lane and up the Rockefeller trail. The person to makes it the furthest is victorious and crowned a racing titan.