Seth Shufro

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Please give us a short statement as to why you are running for the Co-Op Board:

Mad River Glen has been an integral part of my life and my family’s life for over 20 years. It’s a place that has brought tremendous happiness to us – from growing up skiing as a kid, through my rebellious teenage years where we would hang out on The Rat and not ski – hiding from our parents, to now as an adult and sharing the experience with my own son. I want to give back and help MRG maintain its principles and traditions as being skier-only and skier-owned, but from a higher level using my professional experience.

Why are you passionate about Mad River Glen and the Co-Op?

Mad River is a world-renowned mountain to anyone well versed in the sport of skiing. The beast of the east, no snowboarding allowed, unmatched terrain, and a heavy reliance on mother nature to provide us with a true skiing experience.

I have a deep personal connection with the late John & Sue Olsen. We spent years at the Olsen’s house enjoying the company and enjoying the comradery of the other MRG skiers in the house. John Olsen played an absolutely pivotal role in the sale of MRG from Betsy Pratt to the Co-Op. During the ski season, the Olsen house would host big dinners on Saturday night and I always had a spot at the table, at the head of the table right next to John. He was a mentor, a role model to me, and was just always smiling. I feel a sense of honor in serving on the board to maintain the vision that John had for the place he also loved as much as I do.

What skills and experiences do you bring from your non-skiing life that would be an asset to the board?

From a professional standpoint, I have a degree in Economics from Boston College. I have attained much success in business, climbing up the corporate ladder very quickly after leaving the field of Law Enforcement, which is the path I had assumed I was headed down. I am a successful but small-time real estate investor looking to buy a second property. You must be able to maintain the first to build the equity and positive cash flow in order to position yourself for another place and even in uncertain economic times that have been achieved.

I’ve worked as an entry-level salesperson for a manufacturing supply company, quickly being promoted to the Inside Sales Manager. From there I was fortunate enough to move to a position as an Area Sales Manager for the US & Canada for a Swiss Metrology company. Currently, I’m acting as the primary Sales Engineer for a startup based in Nashua, NH.

All of my professional experiences have allowed me to grow into an effective leader, a coach, become fiscally responsible, a tactical negotiator, an innovator, and a creative marketer, and the ability to remain extremely calm under pressure.

Success in life is the only option, and that is the attitude I bring into every venture whether the opportunity at hand is one that pays the bills, or a volunteer position.

What identities and/or life experiences do you have that you think will bring greater diversity and unique perspectives to the Board?

I am very fortunate to have become a father at the very young age of 21. Plans of finishing college, finding a suitable career path, and all other variables of life were immediately redirected. It turned out to be the biggest blessing anyone could ask for. There were many challenges in being forced to grow up so young, but watching your son grow into a young man is the most unique life experience I’ve had so far, and has shaped me into the man I want him to be able to look up to.