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  • Lifts Open: 5
  • New Snow: 3-4"
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  • Surface: Packed Powde...
  • Temp: 21°F
  • Windchill: 14°F
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Mad River Glen is one of the most unique ski areas in the country, famous for its legendary expert terrain, beautiful and varied beginner and intermediate trails, and, of course, the nation's last surviving single chairlift. The extensive trail system follows the contours of General Stark mountain to a single base area, making it easy for families and friends to ski together. Located in the 'snow corner' of New England, Mad River's 250 inches of annual snowfall combine with uncrowded slopes free of snowboarding, and a pristine mountain environment to create a skiing experience like no other.

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Snow conditions last updated: Thursday,May 2, 2013,13:00:00


Mad River Glen trail map

Novice Skiers

Beginners can ski Mad River Glen. In fact, with uncrowded slopes, a great ski school and your own lift and area, there is no better place to learn. From the base area ride the Sunnyside Chair and follow the "Easiest" signs to Fox and then Snail to the "Birdland" novice area. Once in Birdland, simply follow the snowflakes (on the map) marking the easiest way down. Here you will discover the charm and diversity of Mad River skiing.

  • 1. Callie' Corner
  • 2. Fox
  • 3. Vixen
  • 4. Broadway
  • 5. Easy Way
  • 6. Duck
  • 7. Lark
  • 8. Loon
  • 15. Robin
  • 16. Wren

Intermediate Skiers

Mad River Glen offers a lifetime of interesting intermediate skiing. You can ski off any of the lifts, just look for the "More Difficult" signs which indicate trails that are right for you. Quacky from the top of the Sunnyside Chairlift is an all time Mad River favorite leading to Porcupine and a number of other enticing trails. Off the Single Chair, Antelope is the ultimate intermediate experience offering two miles of intrigue and challenge. Enjoy!

  • 9. Upper Antelope
  • 10. Catamount
  • 11. Quacky
  • 12. Bunny
  • 13. Porcupine
  • 14. Chipmunk
  • 15. Robin
  • 16. Wren
  • 17. Periwinkle
  • 18. Snail
  • 19. Rockefellers
  • 20. Waterfall
  • 21. Eaton's Run
  • 22. Grasshopper
  • 23. Race Hill
  • 24. Cricket

Expert Skiers

Mad River Glen is home to the most challenging skiing in the East, bar none. Natural snow, legendary bumps and narrow gladed trails create an ever changing test of skiing ability. If the thrill of challenge is what gets you going, you’ll find it off the Single Chairlift on Chute, Fall Line, Glade and Liftline. But why limit yourself? Ski the whole mountain, develop your own favorites and remember:

  • 25. Catamount Bowl
  • 26. Chute
  • 27. Fall Line
  • 28. Creamery
  • 29. Paradise
  • 30. Lower Antelope
  • 31. Lynx
  • 32. Beaver
  • 33. Lift Line
  • 34. Upper Glades
  • 35. Lower Glades
  • 36. Ferret
  • 37. Moody’s
  • 38. Upper Canyon
  • 39. Grand Canyon
  • 40. One Way
  • 41. Panther
  • 42. Gazelle
  • 43. Gazelle Glades
  • 44. Partridge
  • 45. Slalom Hill