Mad River Glen HikingWhen the snow melts General Stark Mountain becomes a mecca for hikers. There is an amazing network of trails for hikers of all ages and abilities. Check out the descriptions below and view the Hiking Map & Guide to General Stark Mountain.

The Stark Mountain Trail

(2.5 miles to the summit – 2,036’ of vertical gain) This trail follows a wide, well established, “work road” up to the summit of General Stark Mountain. It meanders up the ski trails under the Single Chair, past a large waterfall, over towards the Sunnyside Double chairlift, into what is known as the Birdland area. This hike generally takes 1 to 1.5 hours to reach the summit.

The Bunny Cut-Off Trail

This trail is slightly steeper than the Stark Mountain Trail and cuts 0.4 miles off of the hike to the summit. The Bunny Cut-Off Trail diverges from the main trail and then ascends the ski trail named Bunny. It rejoins the Stark Mountain Trail about 0.5 miles below the Single Chair mid-station. This intersection is just 0.2 miles downhill with the intersection with the Sunnyside Trail.

The Sunnyside Trail

This spur off of the Stark Mountain Trail slopes gently up the Fox ski trail for 0.4 miles to the top of the Sunnyside Double chairlift. From the summit of the lift it connects with the Long Trail. Go south(right) on the LT and you’ll head down towards the
Appalachian Gap (distance 1.6 miles).

The Long Trail

The Long Trail runs south from the top of Appalachian Gap where it intersects with the Stark Mountain Trail at the summit. It also connects with the Sunnyside Trail. These intersections allow hikers to make loops of varying length and difficulty on Gen. Stark Mountain. From the top of Appalachian Gap you can take the Long Trail north for 1.3 miles to Molly Stark Balcony which offers beautiful views of Camel’s Hump and Burnt Rock.

Jerusalem Trail

This out and back trail emanates from Jerusalem, follow the Jim Dwire Road to the trail head parking area. The trail begins gradually then ascends steeply through heavy forest to connect with Long Trail 0.9 miles south of the summit of Gen. Stark Mountain. Hikers can also go south on the Long Trail along the ridge skirting Sugarbush’s ski trails before reaching the summit of Mt. Ellen, Vermont’s third-highest peak at 4,083′.