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Mad River Glen is like no other ski area in North America. The mountain is famous for its legendary expert terrain, picturesque and varied novice and intermediate trails and of course, the famous Single Chair. The extensive trail system follows the natural contours of General Stark Mountain to a single base area, making it easy for skiers of different abilities to ski together. An average of nearly 250 inches of natural snow each year combines with uncrowded slopes and a pristine mountain environment to create the unique Mad River Glen ski experience.

If you’re a skier, you have most likely heard of Mad River Glen. Amongst an industry of giants this relatively small ski area packs a big mountain punch. What is it that makes Mad River Glen a bucket list destination for all skiers?

It’s a combination of many things, and for every skier the answer is a little different. The area’s character, the result of a long and proud history, reflects the terrain and natural beauty. There is a special camaraderie among the skiers, with its co-op ownership, non-commercial, family-friendly atmosphere, dedicated staff, and – of course – the Single Chair, America’s favorite ski lift.

Mad River Glen offers the most challenging and diverse ski terrain in New England. The trails were cut to follow the mountain’s natural contours. On the one hand, skiers can descend the entire 2,037’ of vertical on true expert terrain with absolutely no run-outs. On the other hand, Mad River Glen’s layout with a single base area makes it an ideal family mountain with plenty of novice and intermediate terrain to satisfy every level of skier.

The Single Chair and Sunnyside Double limit uphill capacity which guarantees low skier density on the trails even on the busiest days. Mad River Glen is one of the last pillars of natural snow skiing in New England and is one of only three areas in North America that prohibit snowboarding.

Combined, these qualities create a ski experience that stands in stark contrast to the mainstream world of skiing. The various facets of the Mad River Glen ski experience appeal to different skiers in different ways, but together they create a sense of place that is truly unique. The mission of the Mad River Glen Cooperative is to protect and preserve these special qualities. You are invited to discover for yourself the experience that the skier-owners of Mad River Glen are dedicated to preserving.



Novices CAN ski Mad River Glen. In fact, with a great ski school, the Callie’s Corner handle tow and Birdland, there are few better places to learn and improve. To find Birdland, ride the Sunnyside Chair from the base area and follow the signs to Fox and then Broadway over to the Birdland novice area. Once in Birdland, explore trails like Duck and Lark, then follow the green circles marking the easiest way down and you will discover what makes Mad River Glen’s natural snow skiing so special.


Mad River Glen offers a lifetime of interesting intermediate skiing. You can ski off any of the lifts; just look for the blue square “More Difficult” signs. Quacky, from the top of the Sunnyside Chair, is an all-time Mad River favorite, combining rolling terrain, tree islands, moguls and groomed areas. Enter Quacky II from Fox to avoid the moguls at the top. Porcupine, featuring wide open and often groomed snow, along with Bunny are two popular intermediate cruising trails. Off the Single Chair, Antelope to Catamount is the ultimate intermediate experience, offering phenomenal views and an intriguing path down the mountain. Intermediates who want to try some moguls should check out Periwinkle Bowl and the ungroomed “jug handles” on Upper Antelope.


Mad River Glen is home to the most challenging skiing in the East, bar none. Natural snow, legendary bumps and narrow gladed trails create a true test of a skier’s ability. If you’re looking for a challenge, you’ll find it off the Single Chair. Mogul skiers love showing off on Chute, while Fall Line and Lift Line are famous for their steep and technical terrain. Expert skiers can test their mettle on Paradise, one of America’s toughest trails, featuring the most dynamic terrain found anywhere in the East. The Sunnyside Double Chair will take you to steeper bump trails like Slalom Hill, Canyon and Gazelle. But why limit yourself? Ski the whole mountain; develop your own favorites and don’t miss the best woods skiing you’ll find anywhere.


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