How the Co-op Works

Becoming a Co-op Shareholder

A share in the Mad River Cooperative costs $2,000. Shares may be purchased through a single payment or in 40 monthly installments of $50 with a $150 down payment. The installment option enables anyone who loves and appreciates Mad River to become an owner for as little as $50 per month. Either way, you start enjoying the benefits immediately! The only other cost is the annual advance purchase requirement (APR) of $200. Since advance purchases can be applied to nearly every product and service on the mountain, including season passes, tickets, ski school and food, the advance purchase requirement does not represent an additional expense for most shareholders.

Co-op Philosophy

The Mad River Glen Cooperative’s mission is to protect forever the classic Mad River Glen skiing experience by preserving low skier density, natural terrain and forests, varied trail character, and a friendly community atmosphere for the benefit of its shareholders, personnel, and patrons. The staff and the Board of Trustees are guided by the Co-op’s Strategic Plan ,the Co-op By-laws, and the Articles of Incorporation.

Co-op Structure

The Mad River Glen Cooperative is governed by the Co-op’s By-Laws. The mountain is operated by the staff under the leadership of the General Manager. The GM is hired and evaluated by the Co-op’s Board of Trustees, whose nine-members are elected by the Co-op Shareholders. There are 6 in-seats and 3 out-of-state seats on the board all with three-year terms. There is a two-term limit for Trustees. The Trustees meet roughly 10 times per year and there is an Annual Co-op Shareholders Meeting each year on the first Saturday in April. The Mad River Glen Cooperative’s annual Co-op Shareholder’s Meeting will take place on Saturday, April 2, 2022. The meeting will take place at 5 pm on the 3rd floor of the Basebox Lodge. All Co-op Shareholders are welcome to attend the meeting and are encouraged to vote in the election.

Executive Committee

Matthew Milan, President (Out-of-State Seat)
Brad Noble, Vice President (Out-of-State Seat)
Andrew Carey, Treasurer (Out-of-State Seat)
Barclay Rappeport, Secretary (In-State Seat)

Other Trustees on the Board:

Jeff Whittingham (In-State Seat)
Carol Pierce (In-State Seat)
Will Kriewald (In-State Seat)
Meg Schultz (In-State Seat)
Mariah Moulton Riggs (In-State Seat)

Finance Committee

Chair:  Andrew Carey, Treasurer
The Finance Committee generally meets the Wednesday before each monthly Board Meeting at 8:00 AM via a conference call. For more information about Finance Committee meetings contact the Treasurer.

The mission of the Finance Committee is to support Co-Op management and the Board in their fiduciary role of ensuring the financial integrity and the long-term economic viability of the Co-Op.  The full mission statement can be found here.

Facilities Committee

Chair: Britton Rogers
The Facilities Committee meets on an as-needed basis, generally 6 times per year. For more information on Facilities Committee meetings contact the chair via email.

Facilities Committee Mission Statement:

1) Architectural Vision and Advice:

The Committee, in conjunction with the Management, will undertake specific assignments from the Board to develop a consensus for architectural vision to govern specific construction projects, establish building design criteria, conduct design reviews, make recommendations and/or establish an approvals process.

2) Facilities Improvements and Tactical Planning:

The Committee, in conjunction with the Management, will make recommendations on needed and/or required improvements, maintenance and general upkeep of the facilities.

3) The Committee’s Mission will:

  • be consistent with the By-Laws and be guided by the Strategic Plan
  • include alignment to environmental and energy saving goals, etc.
  • NOT include discussion pertaining to the mountain trails, flora and fauna, and related elements, i.e. water bars, signs, culverts, etc.

Elections & Board Development Committee

Chairs: Barclay Rappeport
The Elections & Board Developments Committee meets on an as-needed basis. For more information on the Committee or to inquire about running for the board contact Barclay Rappeport.

Mission Statement for the Board Development & Governance Committee

If you are interested in running for a seat on the Co-op’s Board of Trustees you can learn more about the process by reviewing last year’s annual meeting. Please contact Election & Board Development Chair for any additional information or to declare your candidacy for the Trustee Elections. Candidates must declare by January 15.

Communications Committee

Chair: Brad Noble
The Communications Committee is the drumbeat of the Cooperative for its shareholders. It will keep our shareholders in step with our mission as a Cooperative, with the purpose of driving active participation in our mission over the long term. To see the latest, check out the MRG Board Bulletin, which we publish after board meetings.

Communications Committee Charter

Have a Question or Concern? 

You are encouraged to become involved with the Co-op and your input is important to us. However, we ask that you do not confront Mad River Glen employees directly with your comments or complaints. Please use the following liaisons to field your questions, comments, and concerns:

Matt Lillard: General Manager
802-496-3551 ext. 114 or via e-mail;

Co-op Board of Trustees